Welcome Round 2!

Today I'm going to introduce you to 3 more of my wonderful March sponsors.
Do yourself a favor and go say hello :)
Tell them that I sent you!

First up is Leigh Anne at Hart to Heart!

"Hello readers! I’m Leigh Anne and I am a very new blogger! I like to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. The past 16 years of my life were spent as a dancer practicing nearly 24 hours a week, but when I got married and moved to Alaska this summer my journey and direction in life took a change. While being a full time PR and Communications student is great I needed another outlet for my creativity, so I began exploring the idea of blogging and here I am now.  My blog will follow my journey of crafting, cooking and creating while balancing life of being the wife of a deployed soldier, full time student, and aspiring personal trainer. Phew! Yep, it’s a bit crazy and chaotic but I’d love to share my whirlwind of a life with you! Oh and did I mention I have an Etsy shop? Come check it out : Hart to Hart Designs; handmade hair accessories and photo props. Looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you!
Leigh Anne "

Next up is Susan from Two Cats & A Chloe!

"Hello Readers!

My name is Susan!  You can find me and all my adventures over at 2 cats & chloe.
{Yes, I have two cats and a Chloe.  All of which are proud rescue animals.  Don't worry, you'll meet them when you come visit me!}

So you may ask what kind of adventures I partake in... 
I travel.  A lot.  Road trips, mission trips, backpacking trips, business trips... lots of trips, sometimes falls.
I eat.  Paleo foods mostly.  No, I don't eat dinosaurs.
I craft.  Usually as my creative release at the end of a stressful day.  (Along with red wine!)
I blog.  About life with my 2 cats and chloe.  (And my friends, family, and boyfriend - don't worry, I'm not some crazy cat lady who only talks about fur balls and litter boxes.  Eek!)

I am new to the blogging scene and would LOVE IT if you took a little trip over to my blog by clicking here, looked around, and dropped me a line!  I can't wait to meet you!"

And last up today is Jamie from Jamie Etc.

"I'm a 12-year-old girl from England, the land of the tea-drinkers! I'm a student, artist, budding photographer and dancer (sort of). I started my blog with dreams to have thousands of followers, but now I just love sharing my ideas! My blog has tutorials, fashion, photos, the occasional recipe, and just random tid-bits from my wonderfully unawesome life!"

And there you have them :)
Really...go say hello!

I hope you all have a super awesome Saturday!
I'll hopefully be enjoying it in the Florida sunshine!



  1. Wow, beginning a blog at 12! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I just starting "conversing" with Leigh Anne last week! I'll have to check out the other two!


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