Week Without Words

Spring Break was BLISS.
Lots of relaxing, hanging out & of course...sunshine :)
I was reminded over this week just how much I love the state that I live in!
Florida, you're awesome.

one// My hair is growing, finally! And I sported the nose hoop for Spring Break ;)
two// Got to watch the Tampa sunset as I drove to dinner!
three// Seriously?! Wine coozie = woozie...alright then.
four// Baby ducks walking around my apartment complex.

five// The burlap lamp shade that Katie made on craft night! I didn't get much done haha!
six// My first time catching a fish :)
seven// Those are Thin Mint ice cream sandwiches...OH EM GEE.
eight// Britt & I face-timing Curt...we miss you, dude!

nine// My Fay-Bans...don't trust myself enough to buy a real pair.
ten// Pedis make the world go round ;)
eleven// Kitty was passed out and snoring.
twelve// Frozen yogurt with my love!

I'll be spending my last day of break soaking in the sun at the beach.
How many days until summer vacay?
Oh yeah...40!


  1. So glad you had a lovely and relaxing spring break! Those Thin Mint ice cream sandwiches look delish! :) Enjoy the beach and sun tomorrow!

  2. I, too, rock the fay-bans. Never been able to muster up the courage to buy sunglasses that I actually have to take care of.

    Looks like a fabulous time, chica!

  3. Florida looks so amazing! I can't wait to visit there one day :) Lovely pics!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. I am so happy you had a great break! I did too- but didn't take many pictures..boo!!!
    Enjoy today!! Last day of freedom for a little bit!!

  5. I love baby ducks-they are so cute!

    Oh, and that lamp shade is divine:)

  6. That makes one of us who loves Florida :-P
    The little duckies are adorable! & those thin mint icecream sandwiches?? Oh my gosh!
    xo Heather

  7. You had an awesome spring break!!!
    I wish I could eat thin mints. :-/ maybe I can find a g free version. Lol
    40 days?!? Awesome!! Will you be in town the first week of may? We should totally have a blate!! Yeah? :-)

  8. love it! looks like you had a great spring break. now only a few more weeks of undergrad for you, girl! i'm jealous :)

    xo lauren

  9. Love the pictures! Your kitty looks too cute sleeping :)

  10. Looks like your Spring Break has been a blast! The lamp shade is too cute. Did ya'll find that on Pinterest? I'm so jealous you're going to the beach! AH! :)

  11. I LOVE the nose hoop :) I wear a hoop sometimes, but need a smaller one! Looks like your break was awesome!! Enjoy the sunshine of your last day.


  12. Your nose hoop makes me miss my nose piercing so badddd!!! It grew up when I started my big girl job. I had to take it out every day and I started only putting it in every few days and it eventually grew up. So sad! I'm getting it repierced this summer though and I'm super stoked. Looks like you had a fab spring break! Love your pics.

  13. Oh yea, I tagged you in my post today. Check it out.

  14. Sleeping cats are the cutest :)

    and yay for hair growth! No matter what the length of mine, I always want it longer!

  15. Chocolate therapy and a pedicure. Now that is what I need at the moment!

  16. wow-- those thin mint ice cream sammies look so delish!!! looks like you had a great spring break! xo, ashley

  17. your pictures are always so fun and your adorable blog makes me smile every time i visit! :) i love your color of the week nail polish :)

  18. Oh, those baby duckies are ADORABLE!!!

  19. Um great spring break!!
    precious, precious, precious!

    and that last picture of adam! CRACK ME UP!!!!


  20. Love the nose ring! I've been thinking about getting mine pierced...honestly, how bad was the pain lol I already have my cartilage pierced so can't imagine it's too much worse...

    And I just love how cute you kitty is. What's his/her name?

    Have a great week!

    <3 Jamie

  21. as much as i love where i live now, sometimes, i really miss florida and its wonderful weather!

  22. That nose hoop suits you so nicely! It makes me totally tempted to get my nose re-pierced! And those ray bans look pretty decent for not being the real ones!!

  23. I love that wall color in #5 ...and I'm jealous of your nose ring. I want one!

  24. I simply adore all the sunshine pics you captured!! And the burlap lamp... CUTE!!!! Your friend has some talent! Who doesn't love burlap everything?!

  25. Have you ever tried using biotin? It's a vitamin you can get at any drugstore and it helps with hair growth, skin and nails.
    I had my hair super short and stacked about 2 years ago (at its shortest) and its past my shoulder blades now. The first year it grew like you wouldn't believe, now I've slowed down a bit.

    Try it out and let me know what you think!!



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