Week Without Words

I seriously have issues when it comes to taking pictures.
I always just forget! So I'm going to share some pictures from my week & some
from the Instagram March Photo A Day challenge, too.

I'll get better about taking pictures...pinky promise ;)

one// Day 1: Up [Kitty up on the top shelf]
two// Day 2: Fruit [Apple & bananas]
three// Day 4: Bedside [Picture of Adam & pepper spray...girl gotta protect herself!]
four// Day 6: 5 PM [Driving to see Adam & my grandparents]

five// Day 7: Something you wore [Glasses kind of day - bummin to the max]
six// Day 9: Red [Brick wall on my back patio]
seven// Day 10: Loud [The worst loud sound on earth - my alarm clock]
eight// A just because picture :) Saw this heart shaped leaf on my way back from the gym

Have you taken the time this week to thank 3 people that consistently make a positive impact on your life?! If you haven't you still have time - then you can meet me back here tomorrow to link up for Smell the Roses :)



  1. Wow. You have wonderful ideas for the pictures, I love the heart shaped leaf... Wish I could take amazing pictures like these too!

  2. haha aww i love this. you are fine with taking pictures! i love all of these, youre so cute.

    P.S. i am sooo glad you are on goodreads now!!!

  3. Your pictures are great...I love your kitty up on the shelf. You never know where you will find your cat hanging out. Haha.

  4. Awww... That reminds me, I haven't taken any photos for the March challenge in probably... a week? Oops. I'm awful at remembering to keep up with those little challenges!
    xo Heather

  5. So funny "no shower= stank...no gym= chunky" LOL

    Just seeing those signs make me wish I was on vacation! Ah

  6. LOL @ your alarm clock. That has cracked me up! The leaf you found is amazing. I hope you took it home with you to keep. And you are right about the pepper spray! Except I have to keep a gun out when I'm by myself over night to feel safe.

    Your pictures are fine girl! Keep up the great work :)

  7. That looks like my favorite kind of apple - honey crisp :)

    Great photos!

  8. Your alarm clock is cracking me up!! Love it. Love your pictures, girl!

  9. I love the No Gym and No Shower entries on your alarm clock, J!

  10. OMG your alarm messages are making me BUST up right now!!! Lovin' the inspiration to get up off that thang!!

    And love the brick wall!!!! Lucky lil' girl you be!

  11. I love the comments on your alarm clock you have! I definitely tell myself this too!

  12. I love that you keep pepper spray by your bed! Awesome.

  13. Love these photos!! Mendi has been taking hers too and will be posting her half of the month soon...then it's my turn!

    Jayme @ HLNC

  14. I love those shelves! And your hair! Mine is cut similar, but a few inches longer. I want to go shorter next time.


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