Week Without Words

one. So excited to use my Pass It Forward card - got it in the mail this week!
two. She is literally panting from chasing the laser around - she was meant to be a dog.
three. My first time shooting a real gun - in case you missed seeing the picture last Monday ;)
four. Mine & Adam's new favorite place to eat - thanks Britt!
five. The guys shooting. Adam is the far right one :)
six. Poolside. I love Saturdays & the Florida sunshine! Even though I look like a lobster now.
seven. Her sleeping position of choice...so precious.
eight. Love those guys and their passion for worship. Especially that drummer ;)
nine. Breakfast from the place in picture 4! Buckwheat waffle for me and breakfast sandwich for Adam.


  1. That egg sandwich looks delish...what fun pictures! :)

  2. I got my pass it forward cards the other day!! Can't wait to use them!

  3. aww congrats on the shine project! and omgosh that breakfast looks amazing. ha

  4. boots is seriously the cutest!

    happy sunday :)

    xo lauren

  5. The picture of you shooting is awesome! Haha :)
    & the breakfast looks so yummy!!
    xo Heather

  6. I am thinking about ordering the cards from The Shine Project too!! :) it is such a neat/sweet idea! Love her & her blog.

  7. There's something so thrilling about shooting a gun. Such fun!

  8. Love it!! I wish I was in sunshiny Florida right now!!

    - Nicole

  9. Ahh I'm so jealous of that poolside pic...it was 80 degrees here in good ole' ALabama on Friday, but we were supposed to get horrible weather. I wasn't really able to enjoy it. I cannot wait for pool weather here!!! I got my Pass it Forward cards too and I'm so pumped to start passing them forward this week. I love this idea. Also, loving your nail color this week. SO pretty!!! Hope you had a fab weekend! XoXO

  10. Looks like a fun time! Great blog.



  11. I liked those sandwiches! Yummmyyyy!:) Looks like you had an awesome day! Keep the laughter coming! :) xxoo

  12. We want some Florida sunshine!! Love your pictures!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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