Pretty in Pink!

Hi lovelies :)
The product that I'm spotlighting today was my bff over Spring Break!

As you all know from the pictures I've been sharing this past week,
I spent a lot of time basking in the Florida sunshine.
(Can I just take a second to say how much I miss Spring Break? Okay moving on...)

 This little gem came in quite handy!

It's a U R U Thermal Tote by Thirty-One.
Yep...thermal! Which means that it is made to keep my water cold while I'm
lounging poolside. Now do you see why we were bffs this past week? 

Leslie is a Thirty-One independent consultant and she sent me this tote.
I was excited when she told me that she wanted to send me one, but I was even more
excited when it arrived. Besides keeping my drinks cool against the beating Florida sunshine,
it is also the perfect size for a pool bag. Most of you guys know that I'm a tad on the smaller side...to say the least ;) so I'm not a fan of ginormous beach bags that weigh me down.

But look how petite this tote is. Perfect!
Side note: I got a camera timer app on my iPhone and this was the first time I'd used it :) I'm pretty stoked about being able to take outfit pictures...now I just need to get an iPhone tripod haha!

So here I am about to walk out the door to hit the pool, bathing suit cover up and all!

Even though the bag looks all cute and small, don't underestimate the amount of stuff that can fit inside of it. I fit my journal, my Kindle, a large water bottle, SPF & a towel.
(I took my towel out before I took the picture so you could see the lining of the bag)
Leslie told me to use icepacks to keep everything cold, but not to put actual ice in the bag.

The best parts though...

// It's only $16!

// $1 from each sale of this U R U thermal tote goes to the Thirty-One Gives Foundation, 
which "supports charities whose missions empower women, girls and families."
Source: Spring 2012 Thirty-One catalogue page 3

You can read all of the details about the tote here,
and if you're interested in buying one shoot Leslie an email and she will hook you up

Want me to spotlight your product?
Send me an email and we'll set something up!

Enjoy your Tuesday, okay?!


  1. What an adorable bag, and you're right. It doesn't miniaturize you! Double yay!

    Also, I love that you're a big hot shot blogger that receives products to review. :-)

    Happy Tuesday, my love!

  2. You're too cute!
    &I am in love with this bag!
    I wish I had the extra money to buy one right now :(


  3. Super cute! Looks like a perfect little beach bag :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Such a cute bag! Love that you got to use it all week. I'm needing a trip to the beach badly!

  5. love your bag! i have a thirty one lunch tote and use it every day!

  6. that bag is cute, BUT not as cute as you :)

  7. Thirty One & Scentsy are my FAV! I think I want to be consultants!!

  8. I'm so glad that you had such a great Spring Break in sunny Florida! Love your self-portrait pics. :)

    Let us know if you're still interested in doing some type of Q&A/Interview post swap next month!

    Have a fab day!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. i NEED this!!! Seriously! This will be perfect in Mexico! And look how cute you are about to hit up the pool!

    Love everything about this, and I'm going to purchase right now (:

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  10. Love Thirty One! I have a thermal tote, but haven't seen this one!! Love. Love your cover up too!

  11. I'm glad you like the tote!
    For anyone interested, we have Thermal Totes in a variety of patterns too! Feel free to check them out at www.mythirtyone.com/29555

  12. SO cute!! As soon as I read that there was a camera timer app I downloaded it... my world just expanded! Thank you for that ;)

  13. You are too adorable!! :) And that tote is really awesome. I love that a portion of the sale goes to a good cause. Gotta get me one of those! Xo, Miranda


  14. LOVE this!!! So sassy pants :) And that's YOU of course!! The bag is swell too!! hahaha

    I love how it's big enough to fit your organizer and some! After all, never leave home without our planners right?!?!


  15. Love the bag!! I have been contemplating getting a thirty-one bag :)

    <3 Jamie

  16. you are darling.

  17. So cute!!! I think some of my coworkers have thirty-one bags! I should probably get myself one!

  18. Cute-O! I have this thermal tote in a different pattern but L.O.V.E. it! Summertime...here we come!


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