Plan my Vacay: NYC Edition

I've always wanted to travel.
But it's never really been in the cards for me.
I've been working basically full time since I was 19, and I've always been a full tim student.
That doesn't leave me with much leisure time, you know?
I am graduating in May (hallelujah!) and I have a whole year before I start grad school.
So what am I doing with that year?
Preparing for grad school Living it up!
For starters, I'm going to NYC in July with my BFF & her sister...for a whole week!
I've never been on a plane and my vacations have always consisted of the beach.
So this is something that I am so excited about :)

But I need YOUR help!
I want to know places that I can't pass up while I'm in NY.
Sure, I know the typical touristy things to do such as:

See a Broadway play

 Go shopping on Madison Avenue

Scope out the Statue of Liberty

Gaze at the Empire State Building

 Take a taxi ride

But I want to know the not so well-known things that I should do!
Luckily, my best friend & her sister have both been to NY plenty of times and 
are familiar with some "hot spots" but I want to hear from you guys.

I realize that July is 4 months away, but I can't help but plan now.
I am THAT stoked. :)

What's your favorite thing to do in NYC?!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to the other comments, because I want to go soon also!

  2. I am SUPERRRR JAY right now... always have wanted to visit/live in NY!! BUT, I'm so happy you'll be starting your travels this summer! You surely deserve it girlie... being in school for so long. You go girl!! Get your travel on before you start this wonderful blissful chapter of graduate school!!!


  3. Ok...HAVE to respond....you left out the most important thing to do in NYC...go to a Yankees game!! Her Hee! Even if you're not a baseball fan, it will be a great experience. You can get cheap seats too. Be a bleacher creature! One of the games I went to was on July 4...I was 8 months prego! You must also ride the Subway. Another special thing to do is to visit the site where the Twin Towers stood. Find the corner where the Burger King is located (NOTE: There is a bathroom on the second floor.) We could always get a good view of the construction from that upstairs window too. Anyway, go next door to BK to the deli. You can eat standing at a counter facing the window and look across the street at a park, or go eat at the park. Trinity Church is also over there. You must visit that too. Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear about it...and see lots of pics! Our family loves going to NYC!

  4. I love NYC! Leave yourself a LOT of time to wander. SoHo has tons of cool shopping. I just love to walk, and walk, and walk when I'm there. Eat breakfast at a different little diner/coffee shop/bagel place every morning.

    Also, Standup NY has great comedy every night and sometimes you get some really big names that just show up for a set.

    Have a great time :) Planning is half the fun!

  5. Definitely see a broadway play! I've seen Lion King, Les Miserables, and Rent. I don't know if they're still there. But they were all good!

    I also stayed out almost all night every night! It def is the city that does not sleep!

    Take lots of pics!


  6. Check out this other blog I follow called: Cup of Joe. She lives in NY and has posted all sorts of places to visit that aren't the normal touristy stops.

  7. You know what else you need to add to that list? No?

    Have a blate with me! :) Let me know the deets of when you'll be here, and maybe I'll come in one night or day and we can play tourist in NYC!

  8. Ok-First off you need to go to Beauty Bar. They do your nails while you are sipping on a drink. The Clothesline Sample Sale is fab for getting designer super cheap. Also, go to Tribeca (Bubby's a fab little cafe) and the Meatpacking District-Great club and Pastis has great food and is great for spotting celebs. Finally, you need to schedule a visit with me, lol:)

  9. i hattteeee youuuu. ( ya know that kind of jealous hate but really love and am happy for you, ya know that kind!)

    Oh gosh so many great things to do in NYC.

    People will cover all the basics but my tip is to find a corner deli/dinner/smoothie shop etc and go for breakfast most mornings your there. I did this while I was there we got to know the waiter and he would give us fun tips about what was going on in the city. Ya know kinda get a local flavor!


  10. I love visiting the city! I only live a few hours away and I'm actually planning a day trip this spring.

    The one thing I always do every.single.time I go is go to Little Italy and get coffee and dessert at Ferrara Bakery and Cafe. There is plenty of seating and the desserts are AMAZING.

    I always end up on random side streets and one time I got lunch at an Irish pub. I'm so mad I didn't write down the name of it, because it had the best french onion soup I've ever had.

    Enjoy your time! You're going to have a blast!

  11. I've never been! I'm jealous! But lucky for you, I watch the Travel Channel religiously. So, one of the places that always pops up on different shows is Serendipity. It's a famous ice cream place with tons of delicious ice creams named for Broadway shows or celebrities!

    They're famous for their frozen hot chocolate and if you really want to fork out the dough...they especially famous for their $1,000 dollar ice cream sundae...complete with edible gold and caviar. So, I don't know if this helps, but I know it would be awesome to try! :)

  12. Ahhh NYC, so exciting!!!!

    The last time I was in NYC, I was 16 and I was given a list of random things I needed to do (I will pass a few that you haven't mentioned already)

    - eat a pretzel (surprisingly deliciuos)
    - eat a hot dog (OK, I couldn't do this one... because at the time I was there, the entire city smelled like boiled hot dogs.... now I'm sure they BBQ them, but as a result of this visit, took me almost 10 years to be able to eat hot dogs in general!)
    - you neeeeed to visit the museums and take in all the beautiful art!

    Other things to do after I was there, I would suggest are:
    - going to the Toy Store where the piano is on the floor from the movie BIG (so fun to play with!)
    - At the time I was there, we took a limo after seeing a broadway show, as there were quite a few of us and it ended up costing the same as a yellow taxi! How fun!!
    - You must go to the library (After the Sex and the City movies made it appear so beautiful!!!!)
    Regardless of what you do/don't do,
    you are going to have a blast.

    Look forward to your posts from when you are back! :)


  13. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!! I love to travel and have done a little bit but not enough. NYC is number 1 on my list o places I wanna get to one day! The day that I see a Broadway show on Broadway will be the day that a life-long dream comes true :) I hope you have a fabulous trip and totally live it up! Sounds like you deserve it after all the hard work and studying!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  14. I've been once for a choir trip. So I think everyone mentioned what I was gonna say. lol hmmm

    The toy store is called fao shwarz. I did not go inside because I was too tired and sat outside haha be prepared to be exhausted!!!
    Eat in china town :-) good food!
    Wicked is such a fun musical to see, FYI.
    When I was there it was only 6 months after 9/11. The site is a kit smaller than you think. But I'd love to see it now.
    You may see movies being filmed. We were able to see spiderman 2 being filmed and saw dunst in the wedding dress. So cool!

  15. You will love love love NYC! Time Square is a must and definitely stop at a cupcake shop too. Have fun :)

  16. You should check out my NYC Part One and NYC Part Two posts! I just went to visit some friends in the city last week during spring break and I had such a wonderful time! I would definitely recommend going to Serendipity and to Shake Shack (you can click on the links in the posts and find their exact locations!).

    I would also recommend going to see a play! We saw Death of a Salesman on Broadway at the Barrymore Theater and we were able to get student-priced tickets for only $30 and the seats were great! We just had to show an ID that proved we were under 30 years old. I would try calling whatever theater you choose and see if they have any specials like that!

    You're going to have so much fun!!

  17. Ohhh my gooooodness!! I am jealous, ha! I have always wanted to go to NYC! One of my friends that I go to church with, her boyfriend lives there. She just went up the other week & is going back this week. I love looking at her pictures! I have always wanted to go to Macy's (because it was the first one & because of Miracle on 34th Street, ha!) & to Dylan's Candy Bar! She is either the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren, can't remember!? Like Holly said above, you have to go to some cupcake shop ;)

  18. oooooh so jealous! i've been two NYC twice - once on a missions trip in high school and again, a few years later, with my mom and sis. i love it there!

    definitely go to central park one day. yeah, there's not necessarily a lot to do there BUT it's incredible how large and beautiful the park is! and there's always people there playing frisbee, having a picnic, etc. definitely worth a little time!

    so happy that you're going to experience that!

    xo lauren

  19. I'm no expert (despite my recent travels there) - but we went to the SoHo area and LOVED it - lots of shopping, street vendors, and awesome little places to eat :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. I hope you have a BLAST! I'll live vicariously through you in other ways now, too, haha. Nathan keeps telling me that some day he'll take me there. :)

    ashley / afterninetofive.net

  21. OOH, how exciting!!! I absolutely LOVE NYC!! Looks like you have a ton of wonderful suggestions! So I will just mention my top faves.
    1.Central Park
    3.Little Italy, China Town, SoHo
    4.If you love SATC, take the tour!
    6.Ground Zero
    7. TAO-Asian food restaurant (so yummy and chic!)
    8. Carnegie Deli!
    9.Eat PIZZA!

    Get it girrrrl, live. it. UP!! Wish I was going!!
    XO, Jess

  22. Ummmm, girlfriend...


    Bet you didn't know that, did you? :-)

  23. love love love NYC. Spent a whole summer traveling there for dance. As long as you get cheesecake & and sandwiches from Carnegie Deli... your trip will be complete. Seriously. You must!!

  24. How exciting! I LOVE NYC!! When you go - you have to check out O'Lunney's Irish Pub - my husband and I go there everytime we go to the city ~ we love their food and the atmosphere is so fun!


    I hope you have a great time -- wear a crossbody bag. Trust me. :)

    xo, Laura

  25. I am so enjoying your blog!!! Nice to find good Christian friends from around the U.S. I just graduated last year from college and you feel so weird afterwards. Like there is spmething your supposed to be doing but you feel good afterwards too! But NYC is so fun! I would watch the food network for the shows about diners and drive in because they feature NYC and good eats! And go to little Italy! There is good treats! Central park and seredipitys to get a frozen hot chocolate but be prepared it's a long wait there bc of the small place. Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  26. Oh my gosh! So excited for you! I hope you have lots of fun & take lots of pictures and enjoy it! I've never been to NY,although I've wanted to go. I went on a plane ride a year or so ago and I loved it so much! :)

  27. AHhH!!
    We're going in July for a whole week too!
    I kinda feel like we need to meet up!
    Our week will be filled of sitting in Wooster Street Social Club getting tatted.
    Can't wait.


  28. I loved riding the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, and getting a close up look at the Statue of Liberty. I've also heard that the Bronx zoo is amazing, but unfortunately I never made it there. I loved walking around Central Park and you can also paddle boat which always seemed appealing to me. Everything is amazing in NY and I'm so jealous of your upcoming trip. I can't believe you have never been on a plane. A year of living it up sounds like a perfect plan! Good luck and please take me with you everywhere!

  29. You will LOVE NYC! I have been 3 times and every time it is a new experience!! I would buy a Fromers guide- they are updated all the time and have super useful info!! Personal faves of mine: Macy's on 34th st. (wooden escalator), Battery park, CENTRAL PARK, See a broadway show (TKTS = half price ticket counter uptown around 34th and also at the South Seapost- DO THIS!!) and Staten Island ferry! Have so much fun!!

  30. I absolutely adore your blog! My boyfriend and I were just in NYC for Valentines Day, so I have a few tips for places to check out:

    -Go to Top of the Rock! You can stare directly at The Empire State Building :)

    -Go to Eataly! Huge, italian market and wine shop. Go hungry because each little counter has stools and tables for you to eat, sample, and wine taste.

    -As someone earlier said, Bubby's in Tribeca, Pastis, and Tribeca Grill are all amazing little cafes/restaurants. Plus the decor inside Pastis is enough to make you want to go (careful, I got in trouble for trying to take pictures of the inside!).

    -Lastly, absolutely see a Broadway play! I've seen Wicked over and over again and still, when it was curtain call, I cried. Cried like a big ol' baby! It's an experience you can't miss.



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