My Thoughts on The Hunger Games Movie

Hello lovelies :)
I am spending today catching up on emails, writing a 3 page religion paper,
invoicing 50 work orders & working out. Relaxing Sunday, no? ;)

That's okay though, I've been playing all weekend...helping my best friend celebrate her
21st so it's worth it!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend AND at the end...
my thoughts on The Hunger Games movie!

I tried SO hard to do a mini-outfit photo session before heading out to dinner,
but Boots had other plans. She kept pouncing on the camera, making everything blurry.

So I gave up. She won that round ;)

Friday I got home from class and Adam was standing 
in the doorway of my apartment holding this:

Seriously melted my heart!
I love that guy :)

And there is the beautiful birthday girl :)
We all had such a good time walking the streets of downtown Orlando,
making sure that the world knew that Britt is officially 21!

And Saturday evening, Adam & I FINALLY made it to see The Hunger Games!

I'm sure if you've read my blog in the last month you know just how incredibly stoked I was 
for this movie to come out. So my expectations were pretty high. Then I saw the positive consensus on Twitter after the premiere and my expectations were even higher! 

I'm not gonna lie - I walked out kinda EH about it. I'm not gonna give anything away in case some of you haven't seen it yet. But I will tell you that Adam has not read the books and he was totally lost the entire time. He understood the plot but felt like the movie was rushed and that things weren't explained very throughly. I tried to watch the movie from a "non booker reader" standpoint and I have to say...some parts were kinda confusing. 

I feel like there wasn't enough backstory and that a lot of the relationships/underlying themes that were so evident in the book were not portrayed in the movie at all. 

But I still think it was a great movie! The characters and setting were how I pictured them. And the scenes that were in the movie were played out well as far as visuals go. Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect actress to play Katniss - she was phenomenal. I'm just disappointed about the gaping holes in the areas of relationships & themes.

Basically: You can appreciate the movie if you've read the book.
But if you haven't read it DO NOT go see this movie until you have :)

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Bummed that the Hunger Games didn't live up to your expectations :/. I've read the book and I'm also excited about seeing the movie. At least I know that I should lower my expectations some. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. i agree with you! i thought it was good, but it felt very rushed and you didn't get to know the characters very well. but i thought they did a good job with it! about as good as they could have!

  3. I agree with you. I had such high expectations that it just didn't live up to. Oh well. I hope Catching Fire is a better movie!

  4. PS. Even though it's blurry, I still love the outfit!

  5. Cute pictures! Your cat looks so adorable.

  6. I loved the books - I devoured them in a weekend. (I must not have breathed or eaten that weekend.) I was worried I wouldn't like the movie because I always like the book versions much better, and usually read the book before the movie, but I liked the movie. My husband and I both read the books and we were wondering how much we would have liked it if we hadn't read them first - we thought maybe we'd like the movie more because we wouldn't know about everything that was missed, but also maybe less because we might have been confused. I think having read the books definitely helped me understand what was going on - I agree that I don't think they did enough to explain the system and what was happening.

    My biggest complaint, though, is the same as yours - not even character development. I felt like they took a couple of moments to develop relationships, but not much else in between. I think the actors they chose affected how much I liked them, too - but I don't want to say too much and spoil things for other people.

    It was good, and I'll probably buy it when it comes out - but the book was definitely better. (Sorry for the essay - I was so excited to see that you were blogging about this, so I could talk about it too!)

    Have you found any other books that are as good as The Hunger Games? I need a new read!

  7. Super cute dress! What a sweetie with that sign! Happy Sunday!

  8. I thought the same thing about HG! Some parts were very confusing for my bf so I kept havin to explain things. As a reader we a knew what was going on, but those who had no clue going in to the movie probably didn't truly "get" it.

  9. You look so great in that outfit! I love it!!
    Silly kitty. :-)
    I've been hearing mixed reviews. I didn't find the book to be my fav series (that still goes out to the mark of the lion series by francine rivers lol) but I too heard that it wasn't enough character developement. I'm so happy to hear that the main actress was great!
    I think the hubby and I will see it tmrw since he has the day off. :-)

  10. I'm going to see it today but I just wanted to say I read an article that the director wanted to leave out the relationship part of it and just focas alot on Katniss in this film, Then in the next two you'll see more of the relationships.

  11. I haven't seen it and I'm trying not to read these so thanks for not giving spoilers. I still need to read the books!

  12. Jess, I couldn't agree more. Rich & I walked out of the theatre & he said, "So, what did you think?" and I couldn't believe it when I said, "Well, it was no Twilight." GASP! I loved the book & knew it was going to do great! But, I thought the movie was so rushed. I wish they had taken their time & developed the relationship between Katniss & Peeta a bit. I liked it, but I kinda feel like it was the "rebound" after a relationship ends that will never last. :-\

  13. I thought it was amazing. I read the books, there were a few things that I wish they would have included. But the boyf saw it with me at midnight, and he didn't read the books, and he understood it. I guess it just depends on the person? IDK. I loved the movie though :)

  14. my husband said the same thing! He thought it needed more character development. If only they had made the first one three hours! I've seen it twice now though, so I still love it.

  15. Ok so
    A.im back.
    B. you look supa supa cute in those outfit posts LOVING the shoes and boots...such a rascal
    C. Ok hunger games I agree with you. Nutshell...overall pleased but had some issues.
    D. You're great.


  16. I loved it, but I was so worried that my fiance wouldn't understand it! Jennifer Lawrence really was incredible though.


  17. I thought the movie was just EH too. Loved the books and felt like something was missing from the movies. Love your outfit...and that your at won. When do they not win? Haha.

  18. I loved the movie, and it was so much better than I expected. I only wish that they would've given more back story about Panem and Gale and Katniss. I had to explain everything to my boyfriend after we left the midnight premiere. Haha. I can only hope the next movie will be better - it's my favorite book of the series.

  19. I love reading stuff from another central florida blogger :) I haven't read the book yet, I think I should now before the movie!@

  20. I think the main problem with movies is that you don't get the characters thoughts during the movie that you got during the book. The entire scene in the cave wasn't played up enough because you couldn't hear Katniss' thoughts about kissing Peeta and everything!

  21. i totally felt the same way about the movie!

  22. AHh I'm so jealous - I did not get to see the movie this weekend but am dying to! Ybor city looks like such a cute little place to walk around...and you look so pretty in your LBD :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  23. I did my own little post about my review for The Hunger Games. I have a bit of a different view on the movie then you. But completely agree that the book is still way better then the movie.

    You can check out my review here.


    Paula Vaughan

  24. Ok. You are adorable!! It is official. Love that outfit! So so cute! Glad you had such a great wknd. Miss you!

  25. Thanks for the mini-review of The Hunger Games. I haven't seen it yet and am glad that I've been warned! I better go with someone who has read it also!

    I tagged you in a post, check it out!


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