Hot, Hot Headband!

Today I plan on lounging poolside in the sunshine.
Oh, how I love you Spring Break :)
I'm really excited about today's product spotlight!
Laura from My Green Pen runs a cute little shop called Poppy and Pippa.
She sent me an adorable headband, and I got to wear it yesterday.

Adam took the pictures, and we were hoping to take some at the beach BUT
the weather decided that it didn't want to cooperate, so instead we took pictures in his backyard. Take that gloomy weather ;) Look how long my hair is getting! Progress, people!

Awesome bathroom picture...

Seriously, how cute is this headband?!
The band itself is a light grey color and the rosette is red with white polka dots.
I love it so much & can't wait to wear it throughout spring.
My favorite thing about it is the size of the rosette - it's perfect.
Most of the time, headbands with decorations tend to take over my head 
since I'm so small. But this one added a dainty little touch to my outfit rather than
taking it over!
I got a ton of compliments on it... a lot of people asked me if I made it.
[So I guess it made me look extra crafty ;)]
And that question also gave me the opportunity to promote Poppy and Pippa!

Here's a close up:

And side note: this thing is durable!
Wanna know how I know?
I woke up to my kitten gnawing on it Monday morning. 
And it still looks exactly like it does in that picture up there.
So props for making a "kitten-proof" headband Laura ;)

So what are you waiting for?!
Head on over to Poppy and Pippa and buy one of these headbands :)
It'll spruce up your spring wardrobe for sure!

They do custom orders and the shop is filled with hair accessories for little girls and women.

Thanks for the opportunity to rock one of your headbands, Laura :)
You're awesome!


Have a product you want me to spotlight?
Shoot me an email and we'll set something up!

 Enjoy your Tuesday sunshines :)

P.S. I'm guest posting over at The Andrews Update today!
Go read about what inspires me!



  1. Very cute! I have the same issue with accessories taking over my whole head, so I stopped wearing them all together for the most part! That headband is adorable though :) and I'm so jealous you're on spring break!! Ours doesn't start until the last week of March. Aww man :(
    xo Heather

  2. Very cute!

  3. Such a cute headband! Glad you are lovin' Spring break :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Super Precious MAJOR cute!
    I made one of these to wear on spirit day at school and everybody loves it!!

    YAY spring break!!!
    Hope you are getting some much needed R-E-S-T!


    PS I am sending you my photoblog proof for your blog eye to look ova!

  5. thats really cute!! I want one.

  6. I love Laura and I love Poppy and Pippa! Glad you like her stuff! I have my eye on one of the items...when I get a job!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  7. Love it! It is so fabulous:)

    I hate having my hair in my face once it gets hot so this would be a chic alternative to my usual side pony or braid!

  8. Super cute! I think it's funny to see other people using the same fabric that I have used and see how different it can still look! But to be honest, I recycled old shirts and shorts for most of my headbands haha

    Is it icky weather over there? We just had rain storms yesterday, you will orob get those storms from us today lol

  9. ADORBS!!! I don't care how old I get or how much hair I have, I think I will ALWAYS sport a headband, especially if they come as cute as these do!!!

    Love your color hurrrr BTW ;)

  10. Oh my gosh, HOW CUTE is this!! LOVE!

  11. Love Poppy and Pippa! Obvi!

    So cute and you look so cute with it!

    Enjoy your Spring Break, sounds like you are!

    Mad photog skills from the bf. Tell him I said good job! New side job for him in the future?

    Also, guest post is awesome and so are you!

    Grin and Barrett

  12. Just found your blog through Emma Lately! I am so excited to be you newest follower, and that headband is adorable!


  13. I adore Laura and My Green Pen! She's so sweet! And that headband? TOO CUTE! You look simply lovely. And look at that hair growing! WOOHOO!

  14. Love this!

    Also? I'm super jealous of you hanging out by the pool. Cannot wait until I'm in Florida to do the exact same thing. ;)

    ashley / afterninetofive.net

  15. aww how pretty! have fun by the pool :0)

  16. This is adorable! It look awesome on you! :) I'm your newest follower, and I love what I see, so I naturally can't wait to read more! :)

    Breanna :)

  17. Adorable!! I will have to look into one once I am not on a budget anymore! Shoot me an email when ya can...I want to hear the funny story ;)


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