High Five - IT'S FRIDAY!

Is it just me or is the first week back to the grind after Spring Break
(or any vacay really) a super hard one?! I am drowning in homework &
work - yikes! BUT never fear...Friday is here ;)

As always I'm linking up with the wonderful Lauren at From My Grey Desk for


So here are my 5 favorite things from this week:

I've been spending time with my cousin and her daughter this past week.
We haven't really hung out (outside of family functions) for years, so it's really
awesome to be building a real relationship with her :) 

I finally feel like my hair is making progress!
Thank you Biotin for helping my hair GROW.

I will be out of town Friday night & Saturday morning to celebrate my beautiful
best friend's 21st birthday! We went to Applebee's at midnight on her actual birthday
so should could put her ID to good use ;)

I don't think words are necessary for this one.
[Sad I won't get to see it until Saturday afternoon, so don't blow up
Twitter and spoil it for me ;)]


35 days left of classes. PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH.
It cannot come fast enough! I am drowning in homework. Save me?

Enjoy your weekend, sweets :)

PS - A lot of you sent me emails after yesterday's workout post
asking about music that I listen to when I workout and what time of day
I usually workout. Keep your eyes open for a post on that soon!


  1. you look great with short hair!
    i chopped mine off and donated it years back and its just finally getting back to where it used to be.
    xx jes


  2. i think your hair is adorable!! enjoy your weekend! and yeah for a countdown till the end of classes!

  3. I love your hair style and the colour is great too! :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. your hair looks so good! Personally I think you should keep it at that length (:

    Have a great Friday!!

  5. I love your hair this length too! I am a sucker for a shoulder length bob :)

    happy friday!

    Erin @ life as a Losey

  6. Your hair looks great!

    And I think I've heard about The Hunger Games...hmm...

    Just kidding! But I'm waiting a little while before I go see the movie. I need to experience it without people next to me who have tears running down their face because they are so excited.

    Oh yes, that happened for the 2nd Twilight movie. I'm going to guess the woman was between the ages of 30-35. I was so embarrassed for her ;)

  7. Happy Friday, love!

    And you AND your best friend are so beautiful! My gosh!

    Enjoy the birthday shenanigans tonight (safely, of course -- sorry to get all big sis on you)! WAHOO!

  8. You hair is adorable!!! Enjoy your little getaway....yah for the countdown until summer!!!! Happy happy Friday love!!! Xoxo

  9. How sweet that you are getting to spend time with your cousin and her daughter. I bet they are loving that just as much as you are.
    Your hair has really grown and it looks great!
    Happy 21st birthday to your best friend!!! Have fun celebrating! :)

  10. Agree, love your hair!! I wish I could pull off short hair that well!

  11. Your hair is so cute! I'm going to see the Hunger Games tonight (very calmly - no tears), but I will not be one of those who spoils it for everyone!


  12. I love your hair!

    Can't wait to see hunger games too!

    And your workout yesterday was epic!

    Happy Friday!

  13. Hey gooorl heyyyy!! I absolutely love rekindeling with family... I have a bazillion cousins, so hanging with them can NEVER be bland :)

    Your hurr looks gorg!! The color is ooberly cute!!!

    Happy Friday lovely gal!

  14. Its A 10... Life saving product if you are trying to get your hair to grow out/ be healthier... if you've never tried it you've simply gotta.

    I tagged you in a post earlier. Check it out!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Sarah, I looked at the It's a 10 website. Lots of products. Which one are you talking about that helps your hair grow? I'd be interested in trying it! :)

  15. happy friday my lovey!!!! - and hunger games whooooo! ha

  16. Your hair looks lovely!!!
    Good luck with your last 35 days of school!!

  17. i love your hair! i donated 12 inches of mine last year... and i miss it terribly. its finally at a length where i feel comfortable, but i miss the hairstyles long hair allows you to do- like a high bun.

    and i definitely want more workout details, please mam :)

  18. i love your hair it is super cute!! that color looks great on you

  19. By the way, that's the wrong Hunger Games poster-none of the right actors are pictured/listed...

  20. LOVE your hair.. so cute on you! :)

  21. Do you really feel like Biotin works? I've tried it before but maybe I didn't use it religiously so I couldn't tell a difference. My hair gets to a certain length and seems to quit growing. Just wanted your opinion..how much Biotin do you take a day?

  22. Hi Ashlyn!
    Personally I feel like the Biotin is helping me.
    I had my hair buzzed short in the back and it's been just about 6 months and it's almost to my shoulders now :)

    And I take one 5,000 MCG tablet every morning with breakfast!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for commenting back! I will be sure to get some that is 5,000 and see what it will do!


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