Get Your Workout On!

Monday I posted this picture:

And I got a lot of people asking about my workout routine & diet.
You ask...I deliver. That's how this works right? ;)
I was seriously blown away by the comment/emails/tweets that I got - you guys know how to boost a girl's self esteem....way to be awesome! Thank you!

Today's post is all about my workout routine.
Next Thursday I'm planning on sharing what I typically eat on a day to day basis.

 I never would've thought I'd be doing a post dedicated to my work out routines (pictures included...oh yes!). I'm passionate about heath & fitness but I am in no way a professional or expert...I just figured out what works best for me and stuck to that.
I used to be (about 5-ish years ago) overweight. I wasn't comfortable in my own body.
I knew I had to do something about it before it was too late.
Actually, my Dad told me that I had his genes, and I had better get into shape while my body still could...thanks Dad ;)

Keep in mind that I didn't just wake up in shape one morning. Sometimes I still don't feel like I'm "in shape." I'm not a all-star athlete, and I don't really know the science behind health and nutrition. 
I am super dedicated and I work my little butt off (literally).
I've tried specific workout plans (like P90X or a Jillian Michael's routine) but they just don't work for me. I get bored I guess. I consider myself a freestyler when it comes to working out ;)

Everyone say "THANK YOU" to my brother & his girlfriend for coming over to
take these (kind of awkward looking) pictures of me!

Side notes: 1. I work out 6 days a week. I like to give myself 1 day to recoup and relax a bit.
2. I sweat like a BEAST when I work out. No joke.

[Photos included...hope you guys realize how much I love you after this ;)
Also, excuse the crap quality of the pictures]


I do my strength training first. It normally takes about 20 minutes.
I do this before cardio, because if I do my cardio first, I don't have the 
energy to do this afterwards! I mix up the order of these exercises every day.
PS - If you see weights in some of the photos, they are just standard 3 pound dumbbells.


// 50 squats with weights
// 25 lunges with weights

I didn't take pictures of those, because I think everyone knows what they are. Pretty basic.
Squats are actually my favorite exercise. Never skip out on your squats!

And here are the rest of the exercises via photos:

Arm Raises: 10 reps
Start with arms straight out to your sides, parallel to the ground. Feet together.
Slowly lower arms to side. Raise and repeat.

 Arms/Chest: 10 reps
Start with arms in an L-shape. Feet together.
Move arms inward, toward face. Repeat.

 Arm Lifts: 10 reps
Start with arms bent behind ears. Feet together. Raise arms straight
up over head. Repeat.

Arm Thrusts: 100 reps
Heels and palms are on the ground. Butt is squeezed and not touching the
ground. Thrust upward, keeping butt clenched. Repeat.

Burpees: 15 reps
Start by jumping back into a plank position.
Jump forward so that your feet are by your hands.
Power up (jump). This should all be a fluid motion. Repeat.

Leg Dips: 25 reps
Start with arms locked into place on dip station and feet dangling.
Pull legs up as high as you can. Don't swing your body - remain
stable and keep your core tight. Lower legs and repeat. Try to keep
your feet from touching the ground until all reps are complete.

Leg Drops: 25 reps
Start laying on back with arms to your side and legs raised about
6 inches from the ground. Your core should be really tight.
Slowly lower legs until they are about to touch the ground, but do not let them
actually hit the ground. Raise legs back to start and repeat. Keep in mind-
slow and controlled motions.

Leg Vs: 25 reps
This is similar to the above exercise. Instead of raising and dropping
your legs, keep them about 4 inches off the ground and
spread them into a V-like shape. Bring them back together.
Repeat. Again, slow and controlled movements.

1 Minute Plank & 2 Minute Leg Vs:
Get in the plank position and hold for 1 minute. Core is tight.
Butt is tight. After 1 minute, drop to stomach and raise legs into
a V-like shape. Pump legs together and then back to the V. 
Do this for 2 minutes straight.

Row Sits: 30 reps
Get in a chair sit position. Your weight should be on your heels, not your toes.
Arms are at your sides. Lift one arm up and then lower back down.
Now lift other arm up and lower back down. Alternate arms and remain
in the chair sit position throughout the exercise.

Knee Grab Sit Ups: 50 reps
Start sitting on the ground, hugging your knees.
Core is tight. Slowly release knees and lower your back,
while straightening your legs. Don't let your feet hit the ground.
Keep your core tight. Pull back up to hugging your knees. Repeat.


After I finish the above exercises I do 30-45 minutes of cardio. 

I've been using the treadmill a lot lately. When I do the treadmill I put the 
incline at 13.5 and the speed at 4.0 and power walk uphill. I do this for 45 minutes.
I'll do 30 minutes on the elliptical with the resistance cranked up.
If it's not too humid, I'll go running outside for 30 minutes.
My goal when I do cardio, is to burn at least 300 calories.
Honestly, I don't know much about where my heart rate should be and 
all of that so I don't really focus on that. I told you I don't know the
science behind all of this ;)

Additional Tips:

// I make working out a priority. As in I make it a part of my daily schedule. Just like taking a shower or eating dinner. 

// I don't work out on a super full or super empty stomach. A nice protein shake before does the trick for me.

// Drink lots of water while you're working out.

// Change your cardio up - don't let yourself get bored. Have fun with it!

// Pump up the jams! Music gets me moving and there's nothing better than a rockin workout playlist.

And there you have it.
If you have any questions, shoot me an email!
Check back next Thursday - I'll be sharing what I eat :)

And for all of you people who are trying to get in shape:

It's not easy.
You won't see results over night.
But it's worth it.
I promise :)
Remember...you are beautifully made. Love yourself!



  1. I am so excited about this post!!! I have a goal I am trying to meet, and much like you, I don't do well with things like P90X. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. wowowow such a great body! youre amazing my love xo

  3. Thanks so much for posting! So motivating when you have a routine to follow :)

  4. I've been looking for a work out that won't piss off the woman who lives below us (not an easy feat), and I think this might be just the ticket...minus the burpees, that is =] I just pinned this, thanks!

  5. Thanks for this post, this is really good! I was wondering what you did to have such a great figure but didn't want to ask! You look great!


  6. I HATE working out. I used to like it when I worked at a gym, but I am ALWAYS on my feet now at work. When I'm off- I don't have the energy ;) If and when I switch to a less active job I will probably work out, but for the time being- it's all good! You definitely have an AMAZING work out and you look amazing. Keep up the good work!

  7. Very awesome figure!


  8. Thanks for sharing - like I already told you, your abs look awesome! I try to work out 4-5 days per week, but I despise working out and I've never been able to shake that feeling. Unfortunately, I get fat if I don't work out, so I just miserably force myself haha :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    2. Holy shizz, girl, your routine is intense. I kept thinking, surely this must be the last one...only to find another....haha.
    3. I love that all the strength conditioning is stuff that can be done from home. Very cool.

    You should be so proud of your body and your routine. It clearly takes a lot of dedication!

  10. Phew, I did my workout today just by watching you lol
    Dang that's a lot!! Good job on staying motivated!

  11. Yah!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm so excited to see what has worked for you...I've gotten a little bit off schedule with being out of town, but getting ready to hit the gym hard again!!! Looking forward to next Thursday's post.

  12. GREAT post lady!! I was actually drafting a workout post myself...more like a I am out of shape, need to get my booty in gear post. ;) SO this came at the PERFECT timing! {Also, glad to know I wasn't the only one gawking at your incredible abs-you look amazing!) Thanks for the inspiration! I'll have to direct my readers over to this post!
    XO, Jessica

  13. AHH Leg Dips! That's how you ordered that six/nine/twelve pack! Dang this is a good routine! Hmm, I think I can manage some of these! Thanks for posting girl, you rock!

  14. WOW!!
    Look at those abs!

    I'm trying to get rid of the last of my baby weight.....and failing...I'm going to have to give your workout a shot!

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. WOW!!
    Look at those abs!

    I'm trying to get rid of the last of my baby weight.....and failing...I'm going to have to give your workout a shot!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a great post - especially with the pictures they are so helpful!

  17. What time of day do you normally work out? I'm struggling with hating getting home so late if I go exercise after work, but I also hate getting up so early to do it before work. I want to make working out a priority but definitely need to get on some sort of schedule.

    PS Love your blog! :)

  18. Thanks so much Jessica!!! I have been so pumped waiting for this post. You delivered!!! I'm takin' notes :)

  19. So do you do those strength exercises every day, all of them? I've always heard not to work out certain areas of your body two days in a row, but since you're doing minimal weights, its okay? Curious... lol. Seems like it might work better for girls. Also! Whats your rotation, when do you have your "off" day or days?

  20. That is an awesome tutorial!!! I love it... what do you use as far as music, or what is your workout playlist like??? I am always looking for songs that will help motivate me to keep going in the gym!!!

  21. Just found your blog via After Nine to Five. Great tips and lots of awesome content. I'm happy to have found you!

  22. That's no joke girl! Everything looks truly manageable though and fun.
    I'm not a fan of Jillian or P90X either. I feel like that is for super crazy folks!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Thursday!

  23. Great tips, thank you soo much for sharing. I'm definitely looking to tone up but what I need to work most on is making it a priority. Just a little a day is better than nothing at all :) Thanks for the motivation!

  24. Thanks so much for posting your workout! I love it because there are no high-impact moves unlike with many of Jillian Michael's dvds. Even though I am super careful, I always end up hurting myself, lol. Thanks again!

  25. thank you so much for sharing! i am trying to change my body before its too late, too ;) i will definitely give these a shot! one question, the leg dips, where can i find that bar thing?

  26. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been going to the gym for about two months now, and often times I feel lost when I get there. I wrote your routine down, and I am going to give it a shot. You have such a motivational blog and an amazing outlook on life! I love all your posts :)

  27. Girl, you look fabulous. I want your abs.

  28. you are the cutest thing ever!! love your step by step pics, love your motivation, and love how you don't keep any secrets... what you see is what you get!!

    and I absolutely agree with you!! working out is part of a daily routine just like eating and showering would be! AMEN SISTA!!

  29. Dang, girl! Thanks for sharing this!! I always like to hear other people's workout routines and honestly think I might start doing a lot of these! :) I'm determined to get those abs ;)

  30. Love that you included pictures of your workouts! There's a reason you've got rockin' abs :) I think my biggest thing is find something you enjoy doing for working out and then the body will follow ;) TGIT!

  31. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I've been trying to find something new that works for me. I will definitely be trying some of these exercises!

  32. this looks wonderful!!! thanks for sharing!!

  33. Love love love this! But why wouldn't I ? (:
    Too bad you don't live near me! We'd be the best workout buddies around :(

    Happy Thursday!

  34. You're awesome sweet girl!!
    I can't wait to be at the place you are with weight and being in shape after similar situations with our height and being unhealthy.
    Its super curvaceous when you're 5'! ;)

    You are ROCKIN' it!

  35. I'm so glad you posted this. Our new house is really far from our current apartment, so I'll have to say goodbye to all of my yoga/Pilates/dance studios. *sigh*

    BUT... I've been looking at DVDs, charts, and Pinterest pins to look for home work-outs. LOVE THIS, friend!

    You should be so proud of yourself, especially because weight loss and muscle gain has been a priority of yours for years! You look AWESOME! But you know what's better than that? How great you are. There's nothing wrong with having a rockin' bod with the personality to match!

    I love you! *MUAH!*

  36. Wowza! Get it girl. You look great :) Thanks for sharing this.. I've gained those lovely pounds ever since getting married and it's killing me :( maybe I'll try some of your things! Looking forward to next Thursday's post.
    Thank you!


  37. LOVE this post! I am a total slacker when it comes to working out and I seriously need to get on it now that summer's arriving! These exercises are perfect! Can't wait to try them out!


  38. Thanks so much for sharing! I really wish I could get motivated and stick with a routine. I'm hoping the nice weather (whenever that comes) will help push me in the right direction!

    Enjoy your Thursday!

    <3 Jamie

  39. i def just had dinner so i'l have to read this again when the button of my jeans aren't about to pop off!
    xx jes, newest follower


  40. YAY thank you!! I love this. I will be trying your workout routine this weekend for sure! :) You are awesome lsay!!

  41. Your hair is looking fabulous:)

    Have a great weekend!

  42. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome work out routine. I all of a sudden feel pretty inspired to start up my work out plan again, yay!


  43. Thanks for sharing this! I love it! I have been pondering joining a costly gym... thinking I might give it a shot at home first! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration! Happy Monday!

  44. Finally got around to doing this! Not gonna lie, I couldn't do it all - I have the weakest core in the entire world - but I did most of them. I'm going to allow myself to build up to the whole thing. GREAT work out!

  45. Just found your blog through Eat Yourself Skinny, and soooooo excited to start following. Love this work out did it today!
    I do quite a bit of baking so need great work outs to keep in shape lol :)

  46. This is great! Thx! I linked you on my newest post called "Confessions of a carboholic" http://byporchlight.blogspot.ca/2012/09/confessions-of-carboholic.html


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