Florida Strawberry Festival

Warning: Today's post is going to be very picture-filled :)

Adam & I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival Tuesday night.
A town near us, Plant City, is known for its strawberries so every year there is a festival with rides, games, art shows, concerts, a beauty pageant, petting zoos, & tons of fried food to celebrate strawberry season. People like Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Vice Gill, Josh Tuner, and so many more country stars that I've never heard of perform (I'm not the biggest fan of country music...oops!) so it's usually a pretty big deal. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures from the night with you guys!
And just so you know - Adam took the majority of these pictures. He has a better eye for photography than I do, plus he loves it so I let him handle the picture taking. He even edited them and emailed them to me. I love him! We put my watermark on them, though, since he doesn't have one...yet ;) 

P.S. There aren't any pictures of us together, because honestly...we didn't trust anyone to hold our phone long enough to snap a picture of us! Yes...all of these pictures were taken with an iPhone 4S...he's got skills, people.
Okay, I snuck this picture so you could see him in action ;)

Kristen, this one's for you!
Sadly...we didn't try anything fried. I was kinda taken aback 
by the fried Kool-Aid (YEP) so we decided to walk away ;)

We did eat "make it yourself" strawberry shortcakes though.
Look at that face....I was telling Adam, "Don't even judge me right now," 
as I piled the strawberries on. You better not judge me either ;)

 It was super windy as you can see by my awesome looking hair...
And yes, I ate every bite of that.

  And the one picture I took...

We had fun and he didn't even mind that the main reason I wanted to go was to take pictures for the blog ;)


  1. I love that picture of you holding the prized strawberry shortcake! You're so beautiful, wind-blown hair included!

    And... I love that the spit-guard on the cafeteria-esque table doesn't even cover your mouth, because you're so petite. I feel ya, darlin'! :-) Shorties unite!

  2. I love those produce celebrating festivals.... We have 2 every year in my hometown in Kentucky. The Blueberry festival is in the summer because my county is the Blueberry producing capital of Kentucky or something like that and the Pumpkin Festival in the fall ( and let me tell you its a big deal) Thats whats so beautiful about America we get together and celebrate our farmers and the things they produce and we get to eat things like that Amazing looking Strawberry shortcake while doing it.

    Beautiful Pictures!

  3. Aw How fun girl ! I have been wanting to go to a festival so badly! I just thinking how cute it'd be to go with the hubby! I'm imagining it would be just like The notebook, lol ! Glad you had so much ! Love the pics!


    You and adam did such a great job with the pics! #teamadamaandjessica (loved your reply tweet last night)

    I love festivals like that especially the deep fried fooooooddddd yummy!

    Glad yall had a good time!


  5. You look so cute with your big ol bowl of strawberry shortcake. I bet it was so yummy! Such a simple desert but sooooooo good! All the pics are great!

  6. Oh I miss this!!! My mom was the telling me they were going today! I am a big the band perry fan!!!
    Thanks for being awesome and only going for the pictures haha oh and the shortcake.

  7. absolutely LOVE these pictures! so fun! & that strawberry shortcake looks so good!

  8. I love strawberries and even more I love strawberry shortcake. I'm so jealous.

    I had a fried snickers one time. It was dang good too. You missed out, just saying miss health nut :)


  9. Oh I love festivals and things! Wish our town had a Strawberry Festival. The DIY Strawberry Shortcakes look yummy! Glad you had a good time :)

  10. Festivals are the bomb-diggity! The food is always amazing & the lil' booths of crafts are pretty great too! We have an annual county fair every summer too and most of your pictures reminded me of that. :)

  11. How fun!! Love the pictures!! He did good ;)

  12. I'm SO jealous! I loved the Strawberry Festival when I lived in Tampa!! We went every year. :( I miss it! Your pictures are GREAT!

  13. What a blast in a glass my friend!!! OMG... the first pic is hilarious of Adam... so concentrated with his snapping away... reminds me of my fiance :)

    I LOVE how you got to experience a festival like this. I honestly haven't been to a festival/carnival in sooo long but just by looking at your pics, it totally makes me smile and brings me back to my childhood days when everything was exciting and fun!! Glad you got some of that kinda time with school and all!!

    I also wanted to let you know I awarded you with the Sunshine award... simply b/c you bring sunshine in my life through your adorbs blog! Check it out on my posting today ;)

  14. This all looks like so much fun! Although, I don't know if I could have passed up the fried Oreos. I've always wanted to try one and I love Oreos! But yay for a fun night...I'm a fan of those cheesy local fairs! :)

  15. SO fun! We have a Strawberry festival around here, but not until the summer! I LOVE fairs and festivals and carnivals... mainly for the food haha Looks like you guys had a blast (:

  16. Not even kidding...my roommates and I were going to go to the Strawberry Festival yesterday! :) After seeing your pictures, I'm kinda regretting that we didn't go now! :) Glad y'all had a great time!

  17. So you've been to Parkesdale right??? I lived in Lakeland years ago and my in-laws "winter" there now. We were just there for two weeks and YES, I had several huge bowls of "berries only". Yummo! Here's another tidbit...for your Band Perry fans! They are from my town, Greeneville, TN (originally from Alabama)!!! Their dad was my boys' pediatrician...such a sweet man. I loved him. We'd see the whole family out at their favorite Mexican restaurant...before they were stars...and stand and talk to them at their table. They still come into that restaurant and are treated like normal by all their fans, well...pretty much. ;) Small world, huh?

  18. Oh how fun!! I use to love going to that festival when I was little! Im from Tampa so we would go to plant city and pick our own strawberries

  19. I went on Saturday night and it was SO windy! love all the pics! so much fried craziness!

  20. How fun! I've been to a pumpkin festival, a corn festival, and maybe even a maple syrup festival (people are weird in the north). Looks like yall had a fantastic time!

  21. this looks like so much funnn!! i love these pictures, especially the one of the huge lollipops :)

  22. Wow! This looks like it was a lot of fun! And the pictures are awesome! Way to go iphone!

  23. Duuude I'm so hungry right now and all I want is a fried oreo!! ...or 5 :P I need to go to a fun festival like this over the summer!

  24. O M G!!! You all are the cutest things ever! I said that outloud so much! Jessica, you are seriously BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't say that enough. I mean seriously? So so pretty! And Adam has such a great eye!! Love the pictures. Ah, this may be one of my favorite posts you've ever done...I love seeing lovey dates doing fun stuff like going to festivals :) Love yall together!!!

    PS. I'm just now catching up to your blog again!! Bad me. Love you though :)

  25. I just stumbled upon your blog after picking it off the list for our USF blogging class. I love your blog! It's so fun to read, and to look at. Seriously, I love your layout. This post was really cool because of how you added pictures. You gave us insight on what the Strawberry Festival was about through words, but also with pictures! Now I know what to expect if I should ever go.

    Great job and I'll definitely be stopping by again to read your posts. :)

  26. Ahh I'm so jealous! I've been dying to go to the Strawberry festival, but my family and I have been so busy. Strawberries are my favorite :)
    xo Heather

  27. Haha I too, go to/do things so that I can blog about them. It's amazing how blogging permeates our lives! At least this still looked like tons of fun!


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