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Happy Tuesday :)
I hope you guys survived Monday - mine was kind of brutal, but I'm also so glad that I have the opportunity to be in school & that I am blessed with an almost full time job so I can't complain!
Today's Product Spotlight is one that I am SO excited to talk about.
I've been getting a lot of questions about my Keurig coffee machine.

Well let me just tell you...this is the best investment that I have ever made.
(except my Grandma bought it for me as an apartment warming gift...but still!)
Seriously, I get so much use out of this thing, it's ridiculous.
I use it at least 3 times per day. Not joking.

It's the perfect coffee maker for me since I live alone.
It makes a single cup at a time in a matter of 5-7 seconds.
Glorious, right?
I mean who has time to stand around and wait on their coffee in the AM? 
Not me...I'm usually rushing out the door, but leaving without inhaling a cup of coffee
is not an option. 

Another perk: it isn't obnoxiously loud. No beeping!
And the best thing: it's so easy to use. You pop the K-Cup (which is the coffee) of your choice in the top, close it (the machine then punctures a hole in the K-cup), select your cup size (there is a normal coffee mug size & a travel mug size) and BAM...

It even tells you when you need to add water and "de-scale" (aka clean) the machine.
I've been using this machine since October and I haven't had to de-scale it yet.
I have to add water about every other day, but like I said, I use it A LOT.
There is also an "auto off" button, but mine stays on all the time.
If you do turn it off, you have to wait a few extra seconds when you turn it on 
so that it can heat up to make your coffee.

And how cute are these little K-cups?!
Oh AND you can make so much more than just plain coffee.
In just this picture there are 4 different blends of coffee, iced coffee, 
white tea, red tea, and apple cider. I also use it for hot chocolate but I didn't have any
to take a picture of. There are SO many options when it comes to K-cups.
My favorite right now is the Blonde blend by Starbucks. SO delicious.
It's a smoother blend - I'm not really a bold coffee kinda girl.

So if you're in the market for a new coffee machine..
Look no further! This is the one :)
There are other models that are more advanced than the one that I have,
but this is the basic model and it does everything that I need a coffee machine to do.

The model that I have is called the 
Keurig B40 Elite Brewer Coffee Maker.
Mine was bought at Bed Bath & Beyond for $119.99...and worth every penny!

PS - Thanks to this post I got to make a cup of coffee and enjoy it at like 7 PM.
Probably not so good for my new bedtime...oops!
One last thing :)
Last week I won a giveaway over at Modern Buttercup 
& my winnings came in the mail today.
Oh my gosh - I just had to brag on the cute job that 
I didn't even want to open either of the packages because 
of how cute they were. I mean look!

Oh...and can I just tell you that the only thing that I actually won was that bracelet!
Look at all the extra goodies that she sent over :)
 The photo says, "This is a quote designed to inspire you to be the best that you can be everyday." Love that!

And one of the buttons says,
"You are

Precious! I'm so glad that I won this giveaway (because I love free stuff) and because it caused me to find Annabel's sweet blog & shop. They are definitely worth checking out.
Thanks, Annabel :)
Well look at that.. two Product Spotlights in one. Aren't you lucky?



  1. Oh Keurig :) We have had ours for like 3 years! So we have the old school style that you have to fill up each time you want to make a cup and it only makes one size. It sucks. I'm trying to convince J to let me buy a newer model...not going so well haha

    -Jamie H

  2. I dislike coffee but my sister and dad are in love with this thing -- such a great invention!

  3. Wow, I've been looking at the Keurigs for a long time, but we just can fathom spending so much money on one. I didn't know they actually have a cheaper one. And now that I know it makes HOT CHOCOLATE? I am sold!

    .................................enough said :)

  5. I agree!!! The Keurig is the best-- especially for those of us who live alone or even those who live with just one other person (bf/gf/roommate/whatever!) bc it's so simple & quick. No need to make a whole pot that winds up cold or wasted. The Starbucks Blonde is also my current fav!! (And I love making hot chocolate with it, too. Yumm!) Great minds think alike ;)

    I want one of those coffee holder carousel thingamajigs!!

  6. hey love. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo


  7. Wow! That's a nice Coffe maker at home!:) And those giveaway gifts are so awesome! Happy for those who won!:)

  8. And yes,you are indeed one of the best in blogosphere.You deserve that gorgeous bracelet! :)

  9. I've wanted a Keurig for about as long as I've known about their existence! They're so simple and easy. Mega jealous!

  10. That little package is so, so cute!

  11. Oh boy, I'm gonna be the odd one out now lol
    I love my tassimo machine!! Woohoo! One thing tassimo brewbot does that K doesn't? Well that's making macchiato, lattes, and cappachino! So I get the foamed milk and all heheh but I won't judge you ;-)

    I also use it for my hot lemon water in the morn.

    I hope your tues is better than your mon!

  12. Awesome win! And we have a Keurig in my office. I'm a fresh brew kind of girl, but I haven't been making coffee at home as much recently (mostly because M has been drinking tea in the AM). Oh well, happy Tuesday!

  13. ahh i love my keurig too! so much faster than a regular coffee maker!

  14. Great choice for your spotlight today. I adore every single thing about my Keurig. It is def the best investment I've ever made too! :)

  15. Hey, I have that coffee maker! I'm weird and don't like coffee though. I only use it for hot cocoa :)
    and hooray for winning a giveaway! Doesn't that just make your day??
    xo Heather

  16. I may have to consider this. I love my coffee but I have a traditional coffee maker. I'm a fan of fast! Thanks for the info!

  17. I may have to consider this. I love my coffee but I have a traditional coffee maker. I'm a fan of fast! Thanks for the info!

  18. Ahh Keurig!! I'm super hoping I get one for my birthday next week!! I have a coffee pot that I love, but there are so many times I just want a quick cup of coffee or tea. And the apple cider?! I will have to try that!

  19. Truth #1: I should have known your Keurig would be in a product spotlight.

    Turth #2: I still don't know how to make coffee with a real coffee maker.

    Truth #3: I don't really drink coffee often, so I'm a "cheater" that uses my Keurig for tea and hot cocoa.

    Truth #4: Your package looks adorable, and I wouldn't have wanted to open it either.

    There is no Truth #5, because I like 4. It's a nice even number -- that usually gets bumped about of the way, because people think that 5 is a nice round number.

    1. Lindsay, I read your blog and now I know why...DITTO to everything you said here!!! Even number 5...which is NOT an even number in my book!! :)
      I have the Keurig mini and it works just perfect for me...and when I have company I can run several cups in just minutes! (Since I don't know how to make coffee the "real" way and now can cheat!!)
      I love the Earl grey tea, English breakfast tea, Swiss Miss hot cocoa, and the Apple cider! Yummo!!!
      And like Jessica, I run behind...always...and need my hot drink on the go!!! Have the same carousel too! Birthday gift from a friend!!
      Great Products!!!
      Now...which K-cup do I want to enjoy before bed???

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  20. i don't know how i'd survive without my keurig!

  21. How awesome! I think my boss is giving me the old one (which is 4 months old) from our coffee room ! I am so not complaining over this! I can't wait to get the little flavors !!

  22. This is SOOOO on our wedding registry. I refuse to pay that much for a coffee machine, but I also refuse NOT to have it ;)

  23. okay i LOVE this post!! i have a keurig, too, and it is amazing! i so recommend them, too - love them!
    hope youre having a good week, hun :)

  24. I did not know you could make hot apple cider from a Keurig. I might have to look into one!

  25. Matt and I are in dying need of a new coffee maker! But I am afraid to get a new one because I just NOW learned how to use the ol' dinky ones from way back when. The little cups make me want one though!! LOL

  26. Great review, very detailed! I really like my keurig as well. When I first got it I ordered the variety pack, right now I think my favorite morning blend is the donut shop k-cups, but I like trying new ones later in the day. If you have some time check out my k cups for cheap blog!

  27. OMG i love my Keurig!! I got it a year ago and still have not de-scaled (cleaned) it. I have NO idea when that thing will go off to do it, i thought by now it would!!

    & cute wrapping.


  28. Today's Product coffee brewer Spotlight is one that I am SO excited to talk about.

  29. For consistent trouble-free maintenance, it should be cleaned internally once delonghi esam3300 clearance a month, by pouring ½ cup plain white vinegar and ½ cup cold water into the water reservoir, brewing and then running 2 to 3 cycles of cold tap water before making coffee.

  30. I LOVE MY KEURIG! I’m addicted to coffee, but I was spending way too much money at Starbucks… here’s my Keurig story: www.weartostandout.com/blog/keurig xoxo, WearToStandOut


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