Weekly Roses!

Hi lovlies! 
As always, I'm more than excited to share with you how my roses smelled last week :)
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Last week's task was to make a playlist of your 5 favorite songs and listen to it while you watch the sunrise or the sunset. These aren't my favorite songs, but just songs I wanted to listen to that night ;)

1. How Great Thou Art by Ascend the Hill
2. Paradise by Coldplay
3. Underneath the Sycamore by Death Cab for Cutie
4. Heartbeat by The Fray
5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

I chose to watch the sunset, because I am by no means a morning person. I did this on Wednesday night & can I just tell you guys that it was SO needed. I have been super stressed with work and school this semester (67 more days of classes)! I am so glad that I put everything on hold for a little while to bask in the beauty that God created. I always feel closest to God when I'm outside. It's like he painted the sunset just for me. His bigness & glory are so evident, and I am overwhelmed by His love. It's an indescribable feeling, really. How mind blowing is it that we all watch the same sun rise/set even though we live in different places all over the world? Incredible.

I really hope you guys enjoyed taking a little time out of your week to watch the sunrise or the sunset (or both if you were feeling ambitious ;)) Link up below with a picture of how your sunrise/set looked and the list of songs you listened to :)


This week's task:
Try something new.

This may sound kinda generic, but I'm gonna be honest...I need it. With midterms coming up and work getting into busy season I have been feeling suffocated by my day to day responsibilities. I don't want life to lose its zest just because I feel like I have to do the same thing day in and day out. So in order to shake things up, I want us all to try something new. 

It can be something simple like ordering a new drink at Starbucks, or something more extreme like taking that painting class that you've been wanting to take. Maybe you're not much of a DIY-er so you want to craft something up. Or maybe you have horrible road rage (like me) so you decide to let people out in traffic and NOT get frustrated when they don't do the thank you wave. 

The possibilities are endless...I challenge you to do whatever you feel like you need to do with this task. Get out of your comfort zone & make sure you live in the moment while you're doing whatever you choose to do.

I saw this on Pinterest on Saturday and then I saw Liz post it on Sunday. Love it!

Grab a button and link up with a post that has a picture of the sun rise or the sunset that you watched and the list of 5 songs that you listened to :) Remember, the entire post doesn't have to be dedicated to Smell the Roses - as long as it's mentioned that works! Next Monday we'll link up with a post that mentions the new things that we tried.


I'm also linking up with Heather at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary 
for her new Cup 1/2 Full link up :)


Keep being wonderful & enjoy your Monday the best you can :)


  1. nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog...

    visit my blog too...



  2. okay this post totally inspired me :) your pictures are beautiful! and i love your heart. you have a zest for life that just shines through your blog. inspiring!!

  3. Gorgeous photos hun! :) I love your passion for giving and sharing the beauty found in this world. Such a breath of fresh air for me hun!

  4. That really was a gorgeous sunset! It's way too cold here to watch a sunrise or sunset right now, but I'm definitely going to take the time to do it this summer!

  5. This is gorgeous! So glad you got to have this time by yourself with God.

  6. Beautiful! Such a great idea. I love seeing the sun come up and creep across our yard in the morning...may need to add some music next time : )



  7. LOVE the song choices! I'll be participating in this weeks task for sure (:

    Leigh Anne

  8. How Great Thou Art is one of my all time favorites! :) I had planned to do this weeks Smell the Roses and got sidetracked with other things. But I'm making it one of the top things on my To-Do list this week! :)

  9. Hehe I keep waiting to see some pics of the Clearwater/largo area ;-)
    I deff will link up for next week challenge!! I know there are things that I should be willing to change up because I could be missing out on something!

  10. Beautiful sunset photos, Jessica! And are you trying to tell my to get movin' on my DIY wedding posts and link 'em up? ;-) I hear ya loud and clear!

  11. UM. So great.
    "How Great thou Art" is def. a fave.

    Great picture!
    Also great task for next week! YAY doing something new!

    I hope you are having a WONDERFUL monday!


  12. Looking forward for this week's task!! It's also on my list for 2012!! Also-thanks for the mention!!

  13. Hey Jessica! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog! If you want to participate you can find the info on my blog.


  14. What a GREAT idea! And I completely adore the Andy Warhol print. Neeeed! I can't wait to join in the fun next week :)


  15. wow... your pics are lovely!!! how can that alone not put you in a relaxing mood?!

    love your new task.... actually love all your smell the roses tasks... you go girl!!

  16. I love Death Cab for Cutie!! I think I'm going to try and do this weeks smell the roses. I'll let you know how it goes!

  17. beautiful pictures! I need to do this! today was one of our first sunny days in awhile. I need to stop and enjoy it!

  18. The pictures you took are gorgeous - I love trying new things, I TRY to try new things whenever I get the opportunity! It feels so great knowing you have done, eaten, drank, etc something. It makes me feel more well rounded. More worldly. If that makes sense! Great choice for this weeks challenge!

  19. you have such a sweet hear girlie! and here are some tips i've gotten so far, brush your hair for 5 minutes a day, take biotin, try not to wash it as much and lay off the heated tools! hope that helps!

  20. Amazing, amazing photography friend! I can't wait to see what you try new this week. I guess I should try something new this week. This morning could count though. I actually washed the dishes as soon as I was done with them, opposed to waiting three days to wash them lol. Hope you're week is off to a great start!

  21. Once again, I didn't make time to do last weeks smell the roses task! Ugh! I thought about it all week, but never did it! I will do this weeks....for sure!!! Thanks for encouraging me!


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