Top 10 Pins AND a Guest Post?!

First of all I want you guys to know that I did a guest post today about my health/fitness journey over at Leigh Anne's blog Hart to Heart :)
She's super awesome and I almost feel like we're the same person - we have so much in common! So you should for sure go check out that post and her sweet blog.
Tell her hello and that I sent you!


And here's the usual Wednesday link up  - Oh, How Pinteresting with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple!



Not gonna lie - I didn't have too much extra time to spend pinning this week but here are my top 10 (maybe my only 10 haha!):

Skirt & braid - WANT!

This reminded me of The Color Run :)

Yes, please!

 Meg, this one's for you!

Hair, please.

 Definitely gonna ask Adam to build a table like this someday!

 Amen to that!

 Rings, braids, okay..everything!

 One of the coolest pictures I've seen!

A girl can dream...

Hope you have a super awesome Wednesday :)


Erin said...

Great pins! I am absolutely OBSESSED with the first outfit. I cant control myself...I want every bit of it!!!

HayleyKiah said...

I almost didn't realize that was Emma Stone. She looked hott!! Cute pins. Have a happy Wednesday!

Rachel Larson said...

I LOVE the first outfit, one of my faves :)

Kathleen said...

Bah I posted that last pin on my pins for week too! :) And that table is super cute! Great pins this week! Have a great day Jessica!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Such good pins this week- I can't pick a favourite..but i hate my hair now haha wish it was longer and I could braid it al pretty like!
Have a fantastic day lady!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE all of these pins! Such great and funny quotes. I am definitely swooning over that palette table. Hmmm. Good project for Adam. He should get on that ;)

I also love the wine and Pinterest quote...ah a girl can dream.

Have a great Wednesday!


Jenn @ PSP said...

Love your pins! And your inspiring guest blog! You look gorgeous and I'm sure you feel great, too : )



SimplyHeather said...

Great pins - I agree with the last one!! lol

Holly said...

Great pins! If only my Pinterest closet was real! And Pinterest house. And Pinterest bakery/chef.

Happy Wednesday :)

The Sweet Life said...

Loving these pins!!! I'm thinking about getting my hair ye color of Emma stone's in that picture. I love it. And I wanna get paid to drink wine and play on pinterest! I so wish we lived closer to each other so we could do the same color run! I'm so excited!! Happy wednesday love! Xoxo

The Sweet Life said...

Ps I bought a flex watch last night and I'm headed to check out your guest post. I just love everything about you!

Lauren said...

Awesome Pins! Your pinterest report card would get an A+ this week.

Shane said...

Loving every single one of these! I've been trying to fishtail my hair for weeks but can't seem to get it :(

Beverly said...

how cute and simple is that table?! I almost bought the flower centerpiece from Ikea... ALMOST... guess next trip to Ikea I must turn the almost to a MUST!

Happy Wednesday!

Annie said...

I LOVE that first pic - such a cute outfit and braid :)

The Other Side of Gray

Valerie Griffin said...

great pins!!!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love your pins, especially the one about your Pinterest closet - so true!

Jennifer B said...

New to your blog! I saw you commented on Krystal's guest post and said you live in Tampa! Us Tampa girls have started a meetup group and a blog to share our next outings and stuff so you should join us! http://tampabaybloggergals.blogspot.com/

Crystal said...

Wouldn't it be nice if every time you pinned an outfit it magically appeared in your closet?

Happy Wednesday!

Meg Cady said...

I have such a girl crush on emma stone...and her hair.

I laughed so hard when saw the "deciding what to wear pin"... I feel this way DAILY.

umm love ya gurlllll.
happt wednesdayyyy!!!

Pamela said...

I seriously love everything single one of your pins!! I def laughed out loud at the last pin!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love the coffee table (tell Adam to make it now) and "little things" quote (so very true)!

Happy Hump Day, Jessica!

Momma B said...

Love your e-card pin!

Happy Pinning!

Momma B

susanna said...

Those are all pretty good!

Aubrey Kinch said...

Hahahah, love the ECards.


Suzanne said...

Hi, Just stumbled on your blog for the first time & I'm loving it. :)

I love the idea of "Oh how Pinteresting"! I do a post called "Pinspired" every now & then which is similar.. And it's always so fun.

I'm officially your newest follower, by the way :)

Katie said...

i'll take everything about the first outfit - including her nice long legs as I just replied to your comment about my "thick" ones. : )

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing such awesomeness!!

Emma said...

The last pin is so me!! Haha! Love it all!

just tututiny said...

great pins! I am loving all the braid hair dos!

stephanie said...

love your pins! those ecards are hilarious.

and i love that you were a tomboy toooo!

Joy said...

hahaha! I laughed so hard when I read the "if my pinterest closet was real" picture, so true! And I definitely have the first outfit picture in my pinterest closet!