Smell the Roses!

I have to tell you guys that this Smell the Roses task has been my favorite so far!
It was so fun leaving little notes of encouragement all over town for strangers to find.
Adam and my best friend even helped out a little by posting some. 

I saw this sweet video over at Wake Up, Lovely and thought it was perfect to share with you guys! Seriously, going into each day with a positive attitude is so hard sometimes, but it's so worth it.

I really hope that the people who found my notes had a little bit of joy added to their day :) It's so crazy to think about the power that words have. We sometimes overlook it. But if you just say one encouraging thing to someone, it can change their entire outlook of their day. I love when strangers say something kind to me, but for some reason I get so nervous talking to strangers myself. It's really awesome though, because since starting this blog I've really started to break down some of the walls that I've built and get out of my comfort zone. I'm going after things that I never thought I would (or could) so thank you guys so much for following me and supporting me on this journey. You guys are the best!

Some of the notes read:

"Do not let your past hold back your future!"
"Don't you dare give up! Be bold! Be courageous! Be YOU!"
"You are loved and you are enough!"
"Today is your day to do great things!"
"You are beautiful and you have purpose!"

Just little encouraging sayings to keep people going :)

Some of the places where I left them were the laundromat at my apartment, bathroom at Starbucks, bathroom at a restaurant, Target shopping cart (you know I had to show Target shoppers some love!), a fitting room, and the gym :)

Where did you leave a note of encouragement last week?!
I'd love to know what your note said & where you left it :)
So link up to this post so we can see!

This week's task:
Make a playlist of your 5 favorite songs. Listen to it while you watch the sunrise or the sunset.
If this doesn't prompt you to slow down and appreciate life, I don't know what will.
Seriously, anything nature related reminds me just how small I am and how big the world is. Reminds me how great my God is. Reminds me that my "problems" seem like heaven compared to some peoples' problems. But yet no matter who you are, what your status is, what circumstances you're going through...we all see the same sun rise and the same sun set. That's powerful. So take 30 minutes out of your day and just chill out. No distractions. Stop the craziness of your day and bask in the beauty that we live in. Appreciate where you are, what you have, where you're going.

Because you, my friend, are blessed beyond measure.
You are beautiful.
You are worth it.
You are making a difference.
Never lose heart.

So grab a [new!] button and tell me about your encouraging notes! Check back throughout the week to see who's linked up. And next week we'll link up with pictures of the sunrise/sunset that we watched... along with what songs were on our playlists!

Oh yeah, and since rumor has it that Google Friend Connect is going away (sad), I created a Feedburner account (thanks Aunie & Linds)...so make sure you guys subscribe to my blog via RSS so I don't lose any of you :) You can do that by clicking the RSS button under my connect widget on my sidebar! 

Last thing, I'm linking up today with Heather over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary for her first Cup 1/2 Full link up...Smell the Roses fits right in :)


Happy Monday, lovelies!


  1. This is so inspiring! I am so glad you did this for the task.

    Have a great MONDAY!


  2. So cute! I'm sure you made at least one person's day! :)

  3. This seems like such a sweet thing to do! It would make my day to find one of these notes : )



  4. Great way to start a Monday!!
    We heard that GFC is going away for non blogspot users like wordpress. I wonder if that is still the case or if it's going away for everyone...

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Oh my gosh! I love all the little notes that you left with inspiring words! They make me happy! I definitely will be making a playlist this week!

  6. The little notes are so sweet! What a great idea. Your link up is fantastic, very inspirational :)

  7. Think about the hundred of people across the country you have made smile this week...

    you so rock

  8. favorite place you posted was elliptical machine in the gym. TOTES needed there too!!

    Love how you got some marketing done too with posting your blog site ;) Happy Monday girlie!

  9. What a SWEET IDEA! I love love love that! I might have to do it too :)


  10. This is such a great idea! I need to buy some post-it notes on my next wal-mart trip for sure :)

    xo Shane

  11. You are awesome! I would love to find such inspiring notes. I've been wanting to join in on the fun but, well, I guess I don't have any excuses. I'm going to give it a try next week...

  12. I love the idea of finding an awesome note like that. I bet you made so many people smile!

  13. So encouraging! Thank you girl!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett Blog

  14. Do you know just how amazing and precious you are? I sure hope you do darling girl. Cause you are. I am so blessed by you. Love you!

  15. You are awesome girl and have so much compassion in you! I think that is why I am so drawn to being your friend! Besides the fact your completely adorable!! ;) I plan on doing this at some point...slacking can accurately describe me right now. Lol

  16. you are so precious! how sweet is this!!?! thank you for linking up!! xoxo

  17. What an adorable thing to do! Just reading this post brought a smile to my face. Keep doing what you're doing. :)

    Paula @http://paula-vaughan.blogspot.com/


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