Smell the Roses & a...VLOG. WHAT!

First of all, I hope every single one of you had a fabulous, relaxing weekend!
I'm stoked about sharing our Smell the Roses from last week :)

Last week's task was to write a list of 5 things that you love about yourself. Seems simple enough. It actually took me a good 25 minutes to think of my 5 things, though. Bottom line - we need to start showing ourselves some love, people! I believe that you can't love others until you truly love yourself. So embrace your inner YOU and link up with a post that talks about your 5 favorite things about yourself. 

Here are mine:
[and no, I don't have a board that says "I love me because..." just hanging in my apartment ;) - I use this board for Adam, but I altered it to make my smell the roses task a little cuter!]

Don't forget to link up to this post with the list of things that you love about you :)
Last week we loved on ourselves, now let's love on others.
Template for printable here.

This week's task:
Leave an encouraging note somewhere for a stranger to find.

 Just something short and sweet to bring a smile to someone's face. Can you imagine if you were having a bad day and you found a sticky note that said "You have purpose & you are beautiful" stuck to the backside of a public bathroom stall door or on the handle of a buggy (aka a shopping cart...haha)...it would turn your whole day around. Sometimes we underestimate the power of our words. Just as easy as we can crush someone with hurtful words, we can pick someone up with kind ones. 

AND before I forget...I'm linking up with a few lovely ladies today (Erin & Ashley) and posting my first VLOG so you can get to know "the girl behind the blog!" 


BE WARNED: I have zero editing skills, so there is an absurd amount of of "ums", "likes", and hand waving/head whipping motions. And sometimes the movement of my lips doesn't match what's coming out of my mouth - not really sure how that happened?! The lighting is horrible, but I couldn't do it again, because the first take took all of my nerves haha! This was so awkward for me, but I went ahead and sucked it up and attempted a vlog for you guys :) I'm a lot more peppy/energetic sounding than I am in my head...and that's a really great thumbnail that they chose to use...enjoy!



  1. Im so glad you posted your vlog early!! Im planning on doing it to but was getting nervous! You inspired me to get started on my video! thanks!

  2. I loved your vlog! You did great. :) I have to say, you are a little different than I pictured in my head (if that makes sense?) but in a good way. You have a different voice than I expected but also sound a little more "real"...but so brave of you to post this! It (almost) makes me want to do one. (almost LOL...I'd be SO nervous, not sure if I could actually pull it off.) Anyway, you did great and thanks for posting - I really like the idea of "Girl Behind the Blog" and like you said in your video, I'm looking forward to seeing who else posts one. :) OH! And P.S. - It's really nice to see that I'm not the only one that moves my hands when I talk. I think I might do it worse, though, haha. My friends say that if you tied my hands together, I wouldn't be able to speak, LOL! (And that would probably make for a pretty embarrassing vlog - one of many reasons I'm not brave enough to try it...yet.)


  3. well hey. your precious.
    LOVEEEE IT, but seriously.
    i will now read you blog in your voice.

    I really enjoy the way that you did the smell the roses task!!!

    again, i just really like you.

    meg aka the disney princess on crack.

  4. dont worry im an english teacher ** you're

  5. ALSO the "I don't have kids" part is my favorite.
    Sorry 3 comments… I'm ridiculous…(which is a word I repeat MULTIPlE times. holla)

  6. First of all-- love your 5 things :)

    Second-- I am so glad you did this and I can put a voice to your face/blog! If that makes sense?! You definitely sound different than I expected (I don't know how I pictured you sounding anyways lol), but in the best possible way! I'm thinking I may do this vlog thing now, but I'd be really nervous...so I gotta get up the courage like you did! ;) And thankfully I have tomorrow off so I can do your 'Smell the Roses' link up.

    Btw- You mentioned in your video staying home from class to answer emails, etc...I haven't done that yet, but am still trying to figure out how to balance real life and blog life since it is so time consuming! Glad to know I am not the only one.

  7. you are freaking adorable!! i love your blog, lady! i would love it if you would guest post on my blog sometime. email me if you're interested :)

  8. I am so happy that I finally get to put a voice to you!! :) You are adorable...which I have already told you many times! :) You are so good on camera and I think you should DEFINITELY do more vlogs! :) Thanks for linking up sweet girl!

  9. what an adorable little board, and a super awesome idea! :)

  10. Loved this past week's Smell The Roses Task. It was definitely a challenge for me! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to say something nice about myself, to myself every day, and this task took my resolution to another level. Thanks for continuing to inspire us all!

  11. I love your five things and the Vlog is awesome. If it's raw and real that's all that matters. It was great.

    I am the same way with comments and emails. I have my email on my iPhone so I can respond right then! I have to remember though if I don't get off this thing and live my life, I won't have anything to blog about. Sounds like you got that covered!

    Have a great day!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett Blog

  12. Yay! this is awesome Jessica! I am going to read all future blogs and e-mails and tweets in your voice with hand gestures!!! My favourite part "I DONT have kids!!"

    As for your 5 things..AWESOME! I can't wait to share mine tomorrow!! Great list!!

    Have a fantastic day lady!!

  13. I love the dry erase and how you got to do it for yourself! I'm making one for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day in his new apartment. I hope he loves it!

    I'm so jealous of your precious kitty. So so cute! I was the same way when I started my blog. :)

  14. seeing your blog for the first time, I tried to guess your voice ahead of time, and while you think its peppy (which it is) I pictured it higher, if that helps. hah ok, so great vlog!

  15. Hi Jessica!
    Your vlog was great! I pictured you just like that :) So upbeat and happy! You were so brave to do this because I don't think I'd have the courage to. But maybe one day! Loved your 5 things as well. Do you have a better picture of your I love you because frame?


  16. you're adorable! love your vlog!

  17. Vlogging would be so hard! you're a brave lady! you did a great job.

  18. Cute vLog! Loved it! And I love your link up idea! Im definitely doing it this week! Simply awesome!

  19. I did the weekly task!! :)

    I put a hot pink, very noticeable sticky note on a desk.

  20. So happy to "meet" you!! We think your vlog is great. The first few times on camera is a little weird but you are awesome. Hope you do more!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  21. Yay! It's so nice to "meet" you!I also struggle with the respondng.right.now. thing. So glad you linked up :-)

  22. Love your 5 things!!! Can't wait to watch your vlog later. I wish I could post a vlog but im too scared. Haha. Happy Monday! Xoxo

  23. haha i loved how you confess to skipping class to answer emails! that cracked me up!
    I was thinking you would have a higher pitch voice but other than that you are too cute :-) Nice to meet you haha

  24. I think you are a natural at the vlog thing (unlike myself)! But really you rocked it!! I'm now following you! This is such a fun way to meet new bloggy buddies! :)

  25. how adorable are you!! love this video! i think we would be BFF's in real life :)

  26. LOVE this. thanks for the shout-out : ) and just so you know, i love your blog too!

    happy monday! xo

  27. Ok I'm back...I got a chance to watch your vlog. You are just as cool as I thought. :) You're hair is so cute, by the way. I wish I could pull off short hair. Anyways, it's nice to put a voice to the blog. Maybe one day I will vlog, but like you said, it's way out of my comfort zone. I have seen the accent vlog which I might could do since it's very simple.

  28. This might be the most brilliant linkup idea ever! I am definitely going to be joining in on this one! Also, I am now a reader of your blog as well! ;) Blog buddies! Have a great Monday dear.

  29. i think doing that board for yourself is a great idea, definitely have to remember who you are and what you love about yourself, it is important! i love the things you posted about you

  30. you are so fantastic! I am so excited that we are buttons swapping xoxo - and if boots ever needs a babysitter let me know! ha

  31. Your vlog was so cute. You are adorable. So happy to have found your blog!

  32. Aw! I love this vlog! And those inspirational messages, that is something I'm definitely going to have to start fitting into my life!

  33. you are too cute.
    stopping by from the vlog link up.

  34. You are soo pretty! And I loved sorta,kinda meeting you :D

  35. you were amazing on your vlog! go check mine out I give you a little shout out! thanks for all you've done for me!


  36. Vlogging is out of your comfort zone?! But you do so well at it! You're super cute and I'm so glad to have found you through this link-up!

    I agree with you about the most challenging part of blogging. Trying to keep up on replying to comments and emails stresses me out because I feel like I have to respond right away. I have to keep reminding myself that I never expect immediate responses from others, so I shouldn't feel pressured to provide them!

  37. I love YOU.
    This vlog was awesome.
    Takes some balls to get out there and I give you props sister!


  38. Loved the vlog!

    My mom, brothers and I used to make a habit of going around the table at supper and say " I love you because..." and answer, to each of the members.
    It was real nice, and this brought back those memories.
    Thanks for a great post :)

  39. I love that you and I referenced spending unreasonable amounts of time on blogging (You skipped class? Ha!) and that we both don't have kids. ;-) Loved your vlog!

  40. Aw your vlog is so cute! I felt so awkward doing mine too...I had a blueberry muffin to eat right before I did my first take and literally right at the end of the video I realized I had a blueberry in my teeth...SO I had to do it again...and then again. HA but I totally hear you on a lot of things you were saying! I've definitely skipped class before to play around with my blog/answer emails...

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  43. I did mine too! I was a nervous mess!!! You did a great job and glad I found your blog :) I followed you, hope you'll add one more to my blog
    www.two-is-better.com :) Nora~

  44. So fun to get to know you! I can relate to the comment about talking to "blog friends" rather than real friends. Sometimes I have to remind myself to get back to reality!

  45. This is such an awesome idea! That would definitely turn my bad day around! :)

    Have a blessed day!

  46. AH, you are too cute!! :) I wish I had known about the link up! This is totally something I would have done! Glad I finally have a voice to go along with the words you write everyday!

  47. This was too cute! I have that same board and I'm totally thinking of doing this vlog! So fun :)

  48. Your vlog was adorable! Your blog really reflects your personality!

    Grayson Fuller


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