"Flex Your Style//Flex Your Cause" - Product Spotlight

Today I'm spotlighting an incredible product!
It's actually more than just a product - it's a product with a cause.

Enter: Flex Watches!

"Flex your style//Flex your cause"

This is me wearing my white Flex Watch which represents the charity Life Rolls On!

I heard about this company last summer.
And I have to tell you - I love what they are about!


The Specs:

The bands are silicon and are adjustable so that they can be worn by just about anyone.
The face of the watch is about 2 inches so it's a bold wear! It goes perfectly with my favorite tee and jeans. 

What Flex Watches Stand For:

There are currently 10 colors to chose from. 
My favorite part is that each color represents a different charity. 
Which you can read more about here.

Here is an excerpt from the website's about page:

"The Flex Watch is a symbol of a vibrant, active life. It was created to inspire change and will change the industry itself; the Flex is not just a watch, it's a brand that represents the lifestyle we aspire to lead. The 10-10-10 standard (10 colors | 10 charities | 10 percent) was inspired by a group of individuals hoping to raise awareness through unique colorful products. Our watches embody creativity without sacrificing what is most important: the people."

So basically, 10% of your purchase will go toward the charity that the color you buy represents...how awesome is that?! The watches run for $30. Totally doable! Even on a college budget ;)

Another cool aspect: you can buy different colored bands for $15 and mix up face colors with band colors. So that way you can rep more than one charity at a time or just create a watch that suits your personal style :) 


Wanna learn more?

 I know you want to support this great cause & wear a cute watch while you do it! Their store is filled with all sorts of awesome colors - so get to flexing lovelies :)

NOTE: I was not compensated for this post. 
I really do support this company and own a Flex Watch :)

And one last thing:


Emma is one of my sweet blog friends who always brightens my day!
You should go on over to her blog and share some birthday love with her...she's wonderful!


  1. What a cool cause! :) or I should say MANY causes! :) Thanks for informing me about these hun!

  2. HOW COOL!!!!
    I'll have to look into these. I DESPERATELY need a new watch!!

    Happy tuesday!!


    PS and of course I couldn't sleep and then as soon as i tweet about it was OUT … hence why i didnt respond to our late night love fest :)

  3. Love these! I first heard about them on the Real World, two seasons ago I think -- maybe last season (yes, I do watch that horrible show haha).

    My husband had actually been trying to get in contact with the company about adding the Wounded Warrior Project to one of their causes-- or something else like that.

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing (:
    Leigh Anne

  4. Those are cute, but I especially like how they stand for a different cause.

  5. I love that each color stands for ad different cause. What a great way to give!

  6. I was just reading along...all into it and thinking 'how cool' and bam, saw your sweet shout out to me!! This is why I love you!! You support great causes with even just a watch :) and you are totally an awesome friend! Thanks girl for being you :)

  7. You know I love me some charity work, Jessica! Love it! thanks for spreading the word about Flex Watches!

  8. Omg so buying one ASAP. Love these and love that they support a good cause. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love the boldness and how affordable they are!!! I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! Xoxo

  9. Never heard of these but love it! Will totally be looking it to it, thanks!

  10. These are so cute! I definitely am considering this for a birthday gift that I need to get my little brother in law!

    And thanks for the reminder for emma! She is a doll !

  11. Oh awesome! I love when shopping and do-gooding combine forces!


  12. i just LOVE all the colours they come in!! Great post!

  13. I remember these from the Real World San Diego! I love all of the colors, I especially love the blue one. Thanks for sharing!

  14. this is so fun! LOVE those watches and what they stand for. and happy birthday to your friend!


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