Week Without Words

1. "Happiness is celebrating the little things" Dove chocolate wrapper.
2. Getting back to reality and hitting the gym after Christmas.
3. Organizing and buying new crafting stuff.
4. Boots' had her first bath this week - yikes.
5. Cooked dinner for Adam & my brother - yum.
6. Got my license renewed - wow.
7. Quiet time on my back porch.
8. Taken from a hole in my fence.
9. Late night pizza & Finding Nemo with my love.

And that wraps up the very first Week Without (or very few) Words post!
Happy Sunday, friends :)



  1. thanks for stopping by my blog - i've just fallen in love with yours! i have to check out your 52 in 2012 list! :) xo

  2. I love this. Sometimes there are weeks and events that words can not describe!

    That license picture cracks me up! Your new picture is really good!!!

    happy 2012!

  3. Meg-
    Yeah I've come a long way lol
    My friends always give me a hard time!

    I hope your New Year's was wonderful :)

  4. Super cute post! I love the hole in the fence picture, it's definitely a keeper :)


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