Smell the Roses!

Monday...oh, Monday. Well this past week was...well let's just say I'm glad it's over. I haven't been using my time very wisely. So I spend most of my time at home procrastinating. When I sit down to do homework or get some work done, I am distracted by blogging & Pinterest...oops :)

So starting today I am creating a schedule so that I can finish everything that I need to get done without procrastinating, so that I'm not always stuck in my apartment staring at a computer screen/textbook. Yay for taking the reigns and getting my social life back.

Anyway, on to one of my favorite parts of the week: Smell the Roses!
Want to know what I'm talking about? Read the ins & outs of Smell the Roses!

Last week's task was to call someone that you don't see very often and catch up. I didn't get to call the person that I originally had in mind (our schedules are like night & day), but I did get a chance to have a phone conversation with a good friend that I don't get to see a lot. I have to admit, it was a breath of fresh air compared to texting! I'm so used to just sending a text and reading a response, with no real emotion or time put into it. 

Christina from The Andrews Update put it very nicely in a comment that she left last week when I introduced this task: "Calling someone... in this world of technology that we live in it is SO easy to forget to pick up the phone. We already saw their facebook and twitter updates, so we think we know what is going on with them and sending a text is easier anyways. Thanks for the reminder that a phone call IS worth the extra time."

Well said, Christina..that was the exact reason why I chose this task :)
I really hope you guys got a few extra minutes this past week to enjoy a phone call catching up with someone :) If you did, let me know by grabbing a button & linking up to this post sometime this week!

This week the task is something that I really need to do personally. I feel like every day zips by and I'm so busy going through the motions, trying to get everything done in such a short amount time that I forget to appreciate myself as a person. I'm not a robot, and it's OKAY if my daily "to-do" list(s) don't get done (...did I really just say that?!) 

This week's task:
Write a list of 5 things you love about yourself.

Sounds simple, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be easier said than done. But that's okay. So take some time for yourself (yes, that's right...put your "to-do" list on the back burner for a night), go to your favorite place, whether it be a park, Starbucks, a bookstore, or even your bedroom, and write down the 5 things that you love the most about yourself. I can't wait to come back next Monday and see what you guys wrote! Try not to ask anyone for help - these are things that YOU love about you :)

Don't forget to link up with a post that talks about your phone call from last week!
And as always, have a wonderful Monday, lovelies :)


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