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I'm not really a huge fan of Mondays, but I have to admit...knowing that I get to read about how your roses smelled last week and being able to challenge you with a new task this week makes Mondays not so bad :)

I want to share with you guys how my roses smelled last week :)

Last week's task was to buy a stranger a cup of coffee (or lunch for you non coffee drinkers) without them knowing it was you. Such a small gesture, but I know that all of the recipients of the free coffee had their week made because of you guys!

I drove through the Starbucks drive-thru Tuesday night in hopes of buying a stranger some coffee. I was a little nervous, because no one was in the drive-thru line when I pulled up. So you know how I solved that problem? I drove around the parking lot about 3 times to kill time. Unfortunately, time ran out (I had to be somewhere at 7:00) so I bit the bullet and entered the line. I placed my order and pulled up to pay. Still no one behind me. I was a little sad, not gonna lie! I handed the cashier my card, she ran it through and handed it back. For some reason my coffee took a little longer than usual to make, so I sat for a few minutes waiting. And then, I saw it...headlights behind me! I probably let out a little scream of joy...yeah, I'm pretty into these tasks haha. The girl opened the window to hand me my coffee, and before she could close it I said, "EXCUSE ME!" I handed her my card again and told her that I wanted to pay for the car behind me's order. The look on her face...she looked at me for a second, took my card, and said, "Aww that's really sweet!" I smiled, took my card back, and drove off. I was literally shaking with excitement. It's so nice to know that the people behind me got to enjoy a grande caramel macchiato & a grande salt carmel mocha free of charge - I hope it brought a smile to their faces and made them realize that people still know how to love out loud. I saved the receipt with their order on it and hung it on my bulletin board to remind me that it's not all about me all the time :)

This week's task:
Call someone that you don't see very often and catch up!
Seems a bit easy (it is!), but I honestly can't tell you the last time that I had a "just because" phone conversation. Text conversation - yes, but not a voice conversation. So that's it :) Give your texting fingers a rest, and give someone a call! Let them know you're thinking about them. Don't forget to link up for the coffee task at the end of this post!

For all of you new readers (HI!) here is the rundown on what Smell the Roses is:

How it works:
Every Monday I post about how my roses smelled the previous week (aka: my experience in completing the task). Then at the end of the post, I challenge you guys with a new Smell the Roses task for the current week. There is a link up at the bottom of this post, for you to share your experiences of completing the task of the previous week...hope that makes sense :)

I know that some of these tasks won't require an entire post dedicated to them, so the post that you link doesn't have to be devoted solely to the task - the task just needs to be mentioned and the Smell the Roses button used! Then you check back throughout the week and see how other bloggers' roses smelled :) Easy peasy. 

What it is:
The purpose of these tasks are for you to...stop and smell the roses! The tasks will be things that don't take a lot of time or effort, but will give you enough time to slow down and appreciate the lovely little things [sorry, I had to do it ;)] and people your in life. 

Part of this blog's purpose is to appreciate every day life, both from my own viewpoint and from the viewpoint of others. I feel like these tasks will give us all a chance to slow down, step back, and take the focus off of our busy-bee schedules (because I know we all can relate to having those) and instead, concentrate on appreciating the simple, every day things/people that are often overshadowed by the day to day responsibilities that we're committed to conquering. 

WHEW. Hope you got all that!

If you're interested in smelling the roses with me, grab a button and link up :) I can't wait to read about your experience with buying a stranger a cup of coffee!

And I can't forget...congrats to 
KIM (kimber.ricks@gmail.com)
for winning my first giveaway!

Go ahead and shoot me an email with your address so I can get your winnings to you!

Thank you ALL for entering - this will definitely not be my last giveaway :)


  1. I bet those coffee lovers will remember this for a very long time and tell everyone they know and pass it on. I love your challenges, definitely inspiring.

  2. You are such a sweet girl, Miss Jessica! And bright at that. I love that you do these challenges! I plan to join in on them soon. :)

  3. that story is precious! you are precious! i like you :)

  4. I can almost feel your excitement as I read your experience last week!!
    Yay for good deeds!!


    1. So glad to hear that :)
      Thanks for reading, girl!


  5. Awwwww! That was so sweet Jessica! I bet you made that couple's night:)

    A little kindness goes a long way!

  6. How sweet!! Love this & what you are doing each week!! Thank you!

  7. YAY! So glad you got to do your task! I know exactly who I'm going to call this week!

  8. I love this week's new task. Calling someone... in this world of technology that we live in it is SO easy to forget to pick up the phone. We already saw their facebook and twitter updates, so we think we know what is going on with them and sending a texxt is easier anyways. Thanks for the reminder that a phone call IS worth the extra time.

  9. how special that you bought someone starbucks...that is so sweet and i'm sure it made their day! love your blog :)

    1. I hope it did :)
      Just checked your blog out - consider me a new follower!


  10. What a sweet story! I had someone pay for my coffee one day... and it had been a rough morning. I almost cried from the kindness of the gesture!

  11. Love this idea!! I buy someone coffee every Sunday when I drive through the Starbucks drive-thru just because. It just makes me happy :) And I def need to give SEVERAL people long overdue phone calls so I need to put this on my list of to-dos for the week. I think I need to start with my grandmother.

  12. I thought it was funny how our stories were so similar! :) When you are looking for a ppl to be in line there are none and then when you are in a hurry there are 30 ppl in life! That is life! I did love the coffee challenge though. Now...who can I call this week?
    ♥ Kim

    1. Haha it's true - that's exactly what happened!
      Oh well - at least it worked out for us :)

      Can't wait to read about who you chose to call!


  13. Oh HOW fun! I so wish my town had a starbucks… or well a coffee place or a drive through place in general!!! I WILL be linking up next week!

    PS thanks for being so awesomley (yep made up a word) wonderful and all excited about the new blog design!!!

    Blog love!

  14. ahh that is so sweet of you to buy their coffees. how did you know tell the starbucks employee what to ring up as in what price their drink was? i would be so nervous to do that same thing and would be like you driving around the parking lot and then finally going in and having to go in and be kind like that

  15. Loved this task!! Was so fun to be apart of! Such a great idea for each week!!

  16. Hey I am new here, linked up through Living in Yellow. :) I am enjoying your blog and I want to join you in the Smell the Roses project. However, I cannot figure out how to post your button onto my page. I've been trying to figure this out for a while, and now I thought I would ask someone who might know. :)
    My link: http://lantzarmyof5.blogspot.com/


    1. So, so happy to have you here :)
      And even more excited that you want to link up for Smell the Roses!

      To put my button on your page you copy the HTML code that is in the text box located under the picture of the button. Then wherever you want to paste it (on a post or a sidebar or wherever) you click edit for that section and make sure you have it switched to HTML rather than rich text and then paste it! That's it :) If you need more help, shoot me an email!


  17. This is wonderful! I can't wait to link up next week!!

    - Nicole


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