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Hi friends :) I'm so excited to get rolling with the first Product Spotlight!

Today I'm gonna talk about Sally Hansen's Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach.
It costs about $9.00 at Target (I'm sure you could get it at Walmart, too but Target is my home away from home ;) so I always get it there).

Funny story - when I was in middle school, one of my older (and at the time I thought wiser..HA) friends told me that girls were supposed to shave the hair around their belly button. So what did I do? Shave the hair around my belly button, of course. What a mistake. I'm about to turn 22, and I'm still dealing with the consequences of that decision. I don't shave the area anymore, but the hair that grew back is darker than the rest of my hair on my stomach, so it looks a bit disgusting (okay - really disgusting if you ask me). That's where this product comes in! I'm WAY too cheap to get laser hair removal at this point in my poor college student life, so this is the next best thing.

I use it about once a month (maybe twice a month during bathing suit season).
There are mixing instructions in the box, and the whole process takes about 25 minutes.

You start with the pre-conditioner, cleaning the area that you're going to bleach.
While that's drying you mix the bleach and the activator.
It even comes with that cute little mixing cup and application stick.
Once it's on, you let it sit for 10-15 minutes, wash it off, and viola - no more dark ugly stomach hair.

This stuff literally saves my life during the summer. Pretty fantastic. I've never tried it anywhere but on my stomach, but you can use it "on body & face" according to the package it comes in. So if you need to get rid of pesky dark hairs without paying an arm and a leg - I'd definitely suggest giving this stuff a try!

OH! I also added another widget on my side bar :)
It's called "Color of the Week" and I'm gonna post a picture and the name of the nail polish that I'm wearing on my toes that week. This is mostly to hold myself accountable to painting my toenails a different color every week (because that's one of my goals on my 52 in 2012 list!).

Do you have a product of yours that you'd like to see featured in my Product Spotlight?
Shoot me an email, and we'll work something out!



  1. Great review!! I tried that once when I was in middle school after a boy said I had a mustache haha! It worked :)

  2. Gotta love those awkward middle school years!


  3. I have to try this!!! I have a very similar story except I still shave around my belly button! Such an inconvenience! Thanks for sharing!!


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