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Hi lovelies :)
Today seemed like a good day to tie up some loose ends, post some awards that my wonderful blog friends have nominated me for, & thank my readers!

So let's get started, yeah?!

First of all, I wanted to say HI to all of my new readers! I am honored that 179 people care enough about what I have to say to follow my blog. Bless your souls, ladies (and gentlemen?..no? just in case)! I never in a million years would have thought that I'd get that many readers, especially since I just started blogging in late November. You guys are the best. Seriously! If you haven't said hello - shoot me an email or leave a comment and we'll chat it up :) Since I love you guys so much, I'm doing a sweet (I hope) giveaway! You owe it to yourself to enter, because you're just that awesome :)

Moving right along...
I was nominated by Holly from 8 six eleven for The Kreativ Blogger Award!
Holly's blog is one of my daily reads & she is one of the sweetest people ever. 
Plus the pictures in her posts are always so good - your eyes will thank you for going to stalk her blog ;)

And Annelise from Aunie Sauce nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award!
Annelise's blog is one of my all time favorites. She's sassy & fun and you definitely won't be bored reading her posts. Plus she's even more awesome because we're Twitter friends ;)

Man, I'm honored to have such good blog friends. 
FORreal. :)

I'm supposed to post 7 random facts about myself for each of these, but I'm gonna go ahead and stick with 10 total so you guys aren't falling asleep by the end of the post. And I'm skipping the Kreativ Award additional questions since I did a post of random facts/questions last week. You're welcome ;)

one. My iPhone might as well be my right hand. Sad but true. I'm gonna be in trouble when I get an iPad.

two. I've never been on a plane or seen snow (okay when I was like 6 months old but who counts that?).

three. I am probably one of the most indecisive people that you'll ever meet.

four. I'm a homebody. Give me a bubble bath, good book, & a glass of wine and I'm set.

five. I'm quiet until I get to know someone. Then my sassy side makes its way out. Don't be alarmed. Sass = my expression of love ;)

six. I cannot under any circumstance go to sleep peacefully if everything from my to-do list of the day isn't crossed off. It's sickening!

seven. If I don't have some kind of polish on my toenails I freak out.

eight. Once I commit to something in my mind, I give my 100% and don't quit until I've completed whatever it is. My life will revolve around it until it's done.

nine. I put barbecue sauce on just about everything that I eat (within reason, people - nothing gross like BBQ ice cream....). I've done it since I was a little girl.

ten. I feel naked if I'm not wearing earrings. I have to have them on at all times.

I've already passed around a few awards myself, so I'll skip that part this time around.
But thank you ladies SO much - this was fun :)

You still have 4 days to link up for last week's Smell the Roses task (handwriting & sending a letter) before it's time to link up for this week's task (buying the person behind you a cup of coffee or lunch without them knowing it was you). Spread the love & go link up and meet some lovely other bloggers.

And I have a question for you lovely ladies...what are your thoughts on the BlogHer conference? I'm throwing the idea of going around in my head. Hmm. 

PS - 1 day til Friday! I'll be 22 - WHAT?!


  1. I'm totally with you on the feeling naked when I forget to put earrings in. Worst feeling ever. I'm always pulling my hair down so no one can see haha.

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. OMG! You have NEVER seen snow??? This totally boggles my Michigan/New York mind, lol!

    You should def go to the conference. I am thinking about going to the one in NYC as well!


  3. Congrats! And I am totally the same way about toe and nail polish. I ALWAYS have it on!

  4. I love your blog! You deserve those nominations :)

  5. It's your birthday Friday?! What?! Also, you've never been on a plane!? That needs to change... stat.

  6. Jessica- Congrats on the awards! All well deserved! My iphone is my right hand too, and let me tell you once you get an Ipad you will never leave home without it :)
    Happy almost Birthday!!

  7. Happy EARLY Birthday, sweets!!
    22 is a fun year, enjoy it!

    & congrats on the awards!


  8. I'm very indecisive too and such a homebody!! Congrats on your awards!


  9. Hun...I think I get headaches everyday because I am constantly playing on my iPhone! ha ha!

  10. Oh, how I wish I was still your age (:

    I'm super indecisive too and it drives me nuts. That's crazy you haven't seen snow!

  11. So, our blogs kinda match so I had to follow :) haha So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  12. CONGRATS pretty girl!!



  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I can't believe that you've NEVER seen snow! I grew up in an area that got LOTS of it but now live in an area that barely gets enough to even qualify as a "snowfall" LOL. You need to see it at least once - it's awesome in small doses but cold, slushy and wet (read: annoying) so on an all-the-time basis, it's not so glorious.

    Happy 22nd! I just started following your blog recently but I really like it! Very down-to-earth and relatable!

    Oh, and as for the earrings...sometimes, I'm the same way. I go through "phases". I'll go months where I MUST have accessories and then a few more where I'm "anti-jewelry". I'm weird, I guess. LOL!

    T @ Outtanowhereblog.blogspot.com
    (Sorry for this really drawn-out comment)

  15. I have serious BBQ love too! I love going down south to get the real thing. :-) And I have to say, if I couldn't sleep until my to do list was taken care of, I would never get any sleep, ha! But my productivity would be waaaay up...hmmm, maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. :-)

  16. YAY! You deserve them :) a. I will be on a plane tuesday..flying is like walking to me. I will so be thinking of you & I might even take a picture from up in the sky and post it just for you :) b. snow snow snow..its a love/hate relationship! c. I am so with you on no earrings feeling naked thing. ick.

    happy few hours early birthday!!!


  17. Yay for all your followers! That is awesome :) Happy for you! I totally feel naked without toenail polish on or earrings! And girl, I hate to tell you, but I hate BBQ sauce unless it's on pulled pork or something of that sort. I do however eat soy sauce on everything (well, did) and I did that since I was little also! I can relate to some level. ;) Yay for being 22 in a hour. Happy early Birthday...you'll be hearing it again from me I am sure! <3


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