This finals week has been BRUTAL.
I've done nothing but work, workout, eat, study, and sleep (barely) the past few days.
I'm drained!

Two things that are keeping me sane right now (besides coffee) are Target & Biotin.
Weird combination, I know.

Target is my home away from home.
I go in there at least three times a week and cannot walk out of there without spending at least $30. Adam thinks I have a problem. He's probably right. I just cannot resist buying a shirt, a pair of shoes, a knick knack for the apartment, crafting supplies, or anything else that steals my attention. I just love everything Target!

And Biotin. If you didn't know, I've had short hair (like buzzed in the back short) for almost four years now. It was a cute style, and I always got compliments from people telling me how well it suited me. But after four years of not being able to do much with my hair, I decided it's time to grow it out! Time for a change. I miss having a ponytail or a side braid. Thanks to Biotin, my hair has finally taken a growth spurt :) It's not nearly as long as I want it to be, but I can totally see a difference after taking the Biotin.

These two things make me smile when I all I want to do is cry, rip the pages out of all of my textbooks, and use them as tissues.

The bright side...tomorrow is my last final, and then I have to take the GRE next Friday.
Followed by three weeks of study-less bliss.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

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