Quick Lunch!

I have a few extra minutes for lunch at work today and wanted to share this great idea that I found on Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?!)! It's a salad in a mason jar - I made it last night, and it's still good today. The original pinner said that as long as the dressing is on the bottom, the leaf of choice is on the top, and the two don't touch then it will stay fresh without getting soggy. I put some croutons in a ziploc bag, and before I ate I dumped them in the mason jar and shook it all up. Delicious, healthy lunch and easy clean up, too :) My jar has 3 tablespoons of a fat-free red wine and olive oil dressing (I can't remeber the exact kind but it's Newman's brand), a layer of green/yellow/red peppers, a layer of red onions, a layer of green onions (better grab some breath mints), a layer of tomatos, and finally some spinach to top it off. Not only does it taste good, I think it looks pretty fancy! Give it a try!


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