Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Happy Monday!
I hope you made it through the day :)

Last night Adam took me to Disney World for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!
He's been taking me every December since we've been dating (5 years), and it never gets old.
Every time we both leave in awe of how magical that place is.
Definitely brings out the kids in us :)

It rained for a good part of the night, but we just bought some ponchos and went on our merry little way. My favorite part is always the firework show above Cinderella's Castle - more specifically, when Tinkerbell "takes flight" and ascends from the top of the castle into the crowd.
I would totally be up for trying that! This is the first year that we have actually gotten a decent spot to watch the parade, and it is just so mind blowing how well put together all of the characters are - from the toy soldiers all the way up to the ever so famous Disney princesses - everyone looks so perfect, and they are always on point and in character.

And of course we had our fair share of complementary hot cocoa and snicker doodles; let me tell you it is not cheap-o, watered down hot chocolate or store bought, boxed cookies - it is Disney quality and oh so delicious! Adam also insisted on buying me a coffee mug of Minnie's lower body - sounds weird but it's totally adorable (I'll post a picture below!) Can't wait for next year already!

We also got 90% of our Christmas shopping DONE this weekend, which is a miracle since we usually wait until about three days before Christmas.

I couldn't decide which picture to post so I made a little collage :)
The bottom left picture is my new coffee mug!

Off to cram for the GRE!

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