Kitten or No Kitten?

I never thought I would even be considering getting a kitten.

I just moved into my own apartment (just me!), and I wanted to get a puppy.
Puppies require a lot of time and a lot of energy - both things that I lack thanks to school and work. So I hung that idea up. But I've always had a pet, and I miss having a little buddy!

The reason I've put cats on the "not a chance" list is, because when I lived with my parents my mom had a few cats...14....yeah. So needless to say, I was a bit cat-ed out. I was grossed out by:

  • how they climbed all over the counter
  • the enormous amount of cat hair everywhere (and I mean everywhere, people!)
  • how the house smelled like a giant litter box when you walked in
  • the fact that you couldn't walk 3 steps without stepping on either a cat, a cat toy, or a cat treat.
It pretty much scarred me for life and caused me to deem myself anti-cat.
BUT I've decided to reconsider. I really want a little snuggle buddy, and now that I have the opportunity to have just ONE cat instead of 14, maybe it won't be so bad.

So, I think I've come to the decision that I'm going to adopt a little kitten.
I really, really hope its cute cuddliness outweighs the fact that I have to scoop its poop out of a box!

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