Holy Christmas!

WOW. December 21...just wow. Christmas has really creeped up on me!
Where the heck has December gone?

Well I can officially say that as of about oh, 10 minutes ago..
I. AM. DONE. with my Christmas shopping & wrapping.
I think this is a record for me.
I'm usually rushing around on Christmas Eve trying
 to pull everything together and praying for a miracle.
But not this year, and boy does it feel fantastic!

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas party I went to this weekend :)

My outfit for the party. It was casual..obviously. A white tunic from Victoria Secret, gray tights and teal earrings from Target, and brown(ish) boots from overstock.com. My hair is getting long enough to curl...yippee! 
Dinner for 23! 
Adam & I decorating the tree :)
(excuse my crazy fly away curl!)
The girls!
White Elephant gift exchange...I ended up with a Black Swan DVD! 
We decorated stockings and hung them by the...thermostat with care?
And this was Britt & I by the end of the night - wiped out!
This is one of my brother & I.
(PS - I'm older...yeah)
My little Christmas corner at my apartment :)
Oh yes! Big, exciting news!
Please forgive me for the not so great editing of the pictures.
I just downloaded an editing program and plan on using it when I get my watermark..YES my very own watermark! Actually my entire blog is getting a makeover and I am overjoyed :)
Ready to take it to the next level - especially since I'm taking a blogging class this spring at school.
AH! So incredibly excited.

Happy Wednesday :)


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