High Five Friday!

My top 5 favorite things of the week are:

1. I started Christmas Break today at 4:30 and I could not be more relieved! One whole, glorious month with no homework, studying, or group projects...pure bliss!

2. First successful week with my new roomie (and kitty), Boots!
Today is one week that she has been living with me, and we are both still alive and have grown to love each other :)

How adorable is she?!
The top right picture is her napping in my trash can while I study!

3. Christmas bonuses at work were given out today...hallelujah! Now I can finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow!

4. I played catch up and finished season 1 of New Girl. Have I mentioned how much I love Zooey?

5. I bought all new makeup this week and learned how to apply it without looking like a clown!
(Thanks to Lauren, over at From My Grey Desk, and her makeup tutorial post!)

I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk, because I love the idea of High Five Friday.
Obviously I love Friday, plus it's a good way to reflect and appreciate the small things that happened throughout the week!


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