High Five for Friday!

Since I usually have Fridays off from work (but not today!), I really need to focus on how happy these 5 things made me throughout the week :)

1. My new blog design, that I am loving just so much. It is so me, and it gets me excited to blog! Allison from Green Tangerine Design did an awesome job :)

2. Along with number 1, I leaned how to edit my pictures using Picnik. Basic edits, but edits nonetheless! Yay for not having weird things lurking in the background of my photos anymore!

3. Last night was my church's first service in our new building. We rented a building before so we could only gather there on Sundays mornings. It was so awesome to have a candlelight Christmas Eve service on a Thursday night in our very own building!

This photo was taken by Curt Hensley. He was one of the guys playing drums for worship. Hence the glass-looking drum cage on the picture!

4. I finally caved in after hearing how amazing Birchbox is, and I have no guilt for caving. So excited to get my first box on January 10th!

5. I finished all of my Christmas shopping AND wrapping! This is truly a miracle since I am usually  frantically running around on Christmas Eve trying to finish everything up.

This is the table that my DIY centerpiece from yesterday's post is going to call home once Christmas is over!

I'm linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!
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Happy, happy Friday!


  1. So exciting to have a first service in a new building! I love seeing churches growing and moving forward. Happy Friday!


  2. Monica -

    Thank you :) Our church has come a long way to get this building - God is so faithful!

    xo, jessica

  3. Jessica - love it! especially number 5...i love christmas and everything it entails! thanks for joining in the fun and linking up :)

  4. Thanks for adding my blog to your daily reads! :)


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