Hello Finals Week!

It is officially finals week...
...Enter coffee & Red Bull... and lots of it!

But I have to admit, my weekend was a good one :)
Since I should really be studying for my communications ethics final, I'll just post some pictures of how awesome it was instead of writing too much about it!

Adam's Christmas present arrived in the mail on Friday.
And since I am SUCH a sucker - he doesn't have to wait until Christmas...I know, I'm terrible!

One of my friends, Roger, took a girl on a date and asked her to be his girlfriend. He asked me to set everything up, and of course I had to say yes :) I asked my friend, Danielle, to come with me. Adorable (even my creeper picture from the bushes)!

Adam took me to see Christmas lights :) An older man offered to take our picture, but he couldn't figure out how to take a picture from my iPhone - bless his heart! So this is me giggling at the old man, and Adam trying to explain to him how to snap the picture!

And last night I went to see The Fray with Brittany, Danielle, and Christine! The Fray was amazing. I'm super short so didn't get a picture. Since it was "The Play in the Snow Show" there was "snow" (aka bubbles) floating around. It was cool at first, but after about 5 minutes of swallowing soap bubbles the crowd started chanting, "No more snow! No more snow!" The band that opened for The Fray was an English band called Scars on 45 - I was pretty impressed and ended up downloading their CD. Yay for new music :)

Okay. Now that I've mopped, dusted, and vacuumed my apartment, worked out, and did a blog post - I guess it would probably be a good idea to get to studying.

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