DIY Thursday!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post,  I'll be posting a weekly DIY project.
I figured I'd go ahead and post it today since starting tomorrow my life will be revolving around all things Christmas until Sunday night :) And I'm totally okay with that!

The picture is from a text that my grandma sent me, but I edited it (and added my watermark..yippee!) using Picnik. More about that tomorrow!

I needed a centerpiece for the sofa table that is near the entryway of my apartment.
I'd been searching Pinterest (imagine that) for some inspiration, when I came across this from Olive & Cocoa. I loved the modern look - I'm not into girly decor, but I also needed some greenery to make the place feel homey :) Sadly, I wasn't willing to pay $58 for the piece from Olive & Cocoa, since I'm on a college budget (sympathy gladly accepted).

This is where the handy DIY method comes in!
A guy at work built me the box, and my grandma painted and filled the box.
(I know that I'M supposed to be the one "doing it myself" and from now on I will be..promise! But this project was too cute not to share!)
Nothing too complicated but it's so cute, and it's going to make such a difference in my living room.
 The living room colors are gray & yellow so this fits in perfectly.
Oh, and the candles smell like heaven. Clean linen - one of my favorite scents.

My favorite thing about DIY projects is that you can have designer looking pieces for a fraction of the cost!
Plus you get the satisfaction of claiming the piece as your own work ;)

Happy DIY-ing!


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  1. Its going to look "lovely" in your apartment plus it was made with LOVE....Toy<><


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