Desk Makeover

Thursday already? I'm not complaining!
I spent the majority of last night revamping my desk area.
(After I cooked dinner for my boyfriend & brother, that is!)

It was my goal to have an organized (okay, even more organized than before) desk area before school started so that when I sit down to study or do homework I can focus and not worry about having to de-clutter my brain of all its ideas. Am I alone in feeling that my mind never shuts off? I'm always go, go, go...even when I'm "relaxing." Guess it's that neurotic type A personality thing again. I'll conquer it someday!

Anyway here is what I accomplished:

I'm already loving the reminder boards!
There's one for miscellaneous information, bills, my blog, and then the bottom right square is a dry erase calendar. I'll use that mostly to write due dates and exam dates for my classes.
The plan: when I get home take a card (hanging from a magnet on the calendar) and write down anything that I wanted to make a note of that day. My planner will come in handy for this, because I write down just about every single thought that goes though my mind throughout the day (sadly, I'm not exaggerating). Looking at my planner at the end of the day is kind of exhausting on the eyes because of all of the jumbled scribble - I'm hoping the reminder boards will help with this issue, too!

I'd love to add more decor, but since my desk is where Boots likes to take her kitty naps, I'll compromise and leave it as is :)

See, she's pretty territorial ;)



  1. oh my gosh. boots is the cutest thing ever. such a tiny little nugget!

  2. I love your desk! Mind I ask where you got it or what brand it is? I am looking for a new desk :)

    I came across your blog the other day and love it!

  3. Whitney-

    Thanks for reading :) It means so much!
    It'd be awesome if you "joined this site" using Google Friend Connect (bottom right of my page!), because I'm trying to reach 100 followers so I can do my first giveaway!

    The desk is from Target, and it was only...are you ready..$35!
    Their furniture isn't the greatest quality, but for a college apartment it's totally worth it!


  4. Staples is carrying the Martha Stewart Home Office line now and it is full of adorable desk organizers, notebooks, planners, etc. You should check it out - but be prepared with your credit card :)



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