Chicken Cajun Pasta!

I'm about to dive into studying (a better word would probably be cramming) for the GRE so I can't write a long post, but I do want to share a little something.

My brother's girlfriend is out of town, and since he lives in my apartment complex I cooked him dinner tonight. I'm not much of a cook, but I'm learning. Tonight I attempted a chicken cajun pasta recipe - and it was pretty de-licious, if I do say so myself!

I got the recipe from The Small Things Blog (love, love, love that blog).

My brother told me that it was really good and that the chicken was cooked perfectly-all I gotta say is move outta the way Rachael Ray! ;)

I will definitely be making this again!

Oh yeah, those are frozen grapes in my wine.
I like my wine really chilled, and plus the grapes are a nice little treat once I'm finished with the glass of wine :)

If you want to give this recipe a shot, you can find it here.

Happy cooking!

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