Back to Reality

Today was my first day back to work after Christmas, so I hope I'm not alone when I say it was hard for me to come off of my holiday high. The few days that follow Christmas are always weird to me. All of the decorations coming down, radio stations playing their usual music rather than catchy Christmas tunes, no more sweets lining the kitchen counters (this is probably a good thing). Instead of strangers passing you by with a smile or a friendly wave, everyone is back to bumping into you and scowling at you as though you were a road block meant to specifically ruin their day. Oh well, Christmas had to end sometime! 363 days until next Christmas ;)

Anyway, I am obsessed with nail polish. Not so much on my fingernails, because they always get chipped and scuffed from typing at work (and on here), working out, or cleaning. But you won't ever catch me without some kind of polish on my toes! I got a new color by Essie (my absolute favorite brand of polish) called Carry On. It's a deep purple; it almost looks black. I like it, though, because it's a bit more subtle than black.

Excuse my Christmas flannel PJ pants...I like to crank my A/C down and pretend it's cooler than 81* in December. You can also kinda see what it looks like on my toes - perfect dark shade of polish for winter.

Although I wasn't stoked to get back to work, it was pretty dang cute to come home to this:

She's a cute one!
I hope you survived your first day back in reality, and that you're not having too much trouble coming off of your holiday high! I have a simple DIY project ready for tomorrow, so check back :)


  1. I adore Essie! Great color, I love those vibrant, deep colors - so satisfying.

    The cat photos made my day. The belly in the first one is adorable.

  2. She makes my day just about every day, Halley!
    She's only about 11 weeks old and always full of energy - it's rare to catch her sleeping like that ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    xo, jessica

  3. found your blog at From my Grey Desk

    Boots, is adorable, simply just too cute, I had to comment on that picture! I love kittehs...have 2 of my own.


  4. Crystal,

    Thank you :) She's about 10 weeks old and man is she a handful.
    But I love her, anyway! I saw one of your posts about your cats being sassy - Boots is the same way! That's always the word I use to describe her to people! Adorable!

    Thanks for reading!

    xo, Jessica


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