Apartment Tour!

First off I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas :)
I sure did! It was nice getting to spend time with family that I don't get to see very often.

I'm excited to start following the Weekly Line Up (you can find it on my top navigation bar) today.
I have a few DIY projects floating around in my head that I'm ready to attempt (well almost ready - I need to make a stop at Joann's) and share.

Today, I wanted to give you guys a photo tour of my apartment.
It's my first place that is all mine, and I love it!
I'm always adding new things to make it feel homey & reflect my style.
So here it is:

This is my living room. As you can see, the color scheme is gray/yellow/black.
I love, love, love the built in shelving that's over by my little reading area.
The bottom right picture shows the DIY of the Week project from last week that I posted.
That big ball of light is actually tall, rectangular frosted glass lights - I don't really have floating orbs making their way around my apartment ;)
This is my dining room/desk area. My goal is to jazz up my desk organization. In the very bottom left corner of the top picture, you can see Boots' little kitty condo play place. She likes hanging out in here :) I spend a lot of time in here studying and working on stuff for my blog.

And here is the kitchen! I'm happy to say that I'm spending more time in here lately, trying to conquer new recipes!
(Almost every recipe is new to me, because I've been terrified of cooking for the past 20 years)
The top left picture is my meal planning board. I'm a health freak so I like to plan out my meals ahead of time to avoid coming home in a hungry rage and eating everything in my pantry.
And the bottom right is a picture of one of my favorite items in the world. My Keurig coffee/tea/hot cocoa maker. Who knew a little machine could bring someone so much happiness...

This is a little project I did when I moved in. I have so many pictures to display and this was a quick/cheap way to use a lot of them. It's hanging in the hallway near my bathroom & bedroom.

Well, this is the bathroom. Not much to say about it. I love my shower curtain, though!
Adam chose the color scheme in here :)

Here is my bedroom! It's kinda funny, because when I lived at home I took so much pride in my bedroom, because I spent so much time in there. Now it's pretty low on my priority list, since I basically only sleep in there. Since I'm renting, I chose not to paint the walls - I opted for pretty wall decals instead! And I got that jewelry holder from this Etsy shop. It is perfect! Turquoise and gray are my favorite colors, so that's why they are my room colors. Plus they're super tranquil and I'm all about that. I keep my bike in here, because it's new and I don't want to leave it out back for it to get rusty like my old one. I just pretend that I'm living in a cool NY based sitcom apartment ;)

I saved the best for last :) This is my back patio! It's huge for how small my apartment is. I am so glad to be on the lake - I go out there on the weekend and drink coffee and read (if the Florida weather is cooperating).
It's so pretty, and usually not many people are outside so it's nice to be able to relax out there.

Well there you have it - my stomping grounds.
I'm planning on doing some DIY projects over the next few weeks to make it as homey as possible, so I wanted to show you guys what I'm working with :)



  1. Cute cute cute!! I especially love the gray/yellow/black color scheme! My favorite scheme! The hanging picture display is super cute and easy!

  2. Very nice. Especially interested in the de-cluttering ideas. I'm getting ready to start a declutter in a bedroom soon.

  3. Megan- Thanks :) I got the photo kit at IKEA for like $3! It was a weird cream color so I just spray painted it black and viola ;)

  4. Maggie - Thanks for reading :) Hope you can find what you're looking for! De-cluttering a room can be so time consuming, but it's so worth it to have a nice, clean room!

  5. well isnt your house just super precious! I LOVE your color schemes! My bedroom is turquoise and grey too!

  6. J, obviously, this comment is very late, but hear me out. I've read your blog since before Christmas, and when I initially read this post, I thought, "Oh, what cute digs!" Do you know what I thought this time? "I GOT THAT VERY KEURIG FOR CHRISTMAS!" Oh, it really is the little things. ;-)

    Lindsay, signing off. Happy Friday Eve!

  7. I love your livingroom! I am actually thinking about redoing mine in yellow/gray/black so it's great to get some more inspiration!


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