52 in 2012 and More!

I did some serious planning for Lovely Little Things this weekend, and I'm super stoked for what is to come - I hope you'll stay with me as my blog grows :)

Here's a little bit about what's going on:

1. I added a sponsor page on my top navigation bar!
As of right now I'm doing swap sponsoring to get my blog out there and help other new bloggers do the same. You can find more details about that on the Sponsor page.

2. I've decided to sponsor a few of my favorite blogs in order to help get some exposure for my blog, also!
Maybe you'll see me in a feature post somewhere ;)

3. I changed Tuesday in the Weekly Line Up from DIY of the Week to Product Spotlight.
I realized that with school starting in less then two weeks (eek!) that I'm not going to have as much time to  devote to lengthy DIY projects. I could continue with simple DIY ideas, but I don't want to rip you guys off with cheesy projects. Plus, Product Spotlight fits in better with my blog anyway :) I'll be choosing one product a week (anything from a beauty product to a media product) to rave about. These will all be products that I use and love. Please know that as of right now, I am not being compensated by anyone to advertise the products I discuss in Product Spotlight. They're just things that I love and would recommend to any of my friends :)

4. I created a Facebook page for Lovely Little Things!
Go "like" it to keep up to date with what's going on and what's to come.

5. And finally, as you may have noticed, I added another new page on the top navigation bar: 52 in 2012!
It is a list of goals that I want to achieve throughout 2012 - one for each week of the year.
(I don't expect to complete one per week necessarily though)
I am so excited to get started on this list and conquer it as the year goes on.
Do you have a list of goals for 2012?
Leave a comment with the link to it - I'd love to see what you guys want 2012 to hold!

Happy New Year, friends!



  1. LOVING your 52 in 2012 idea… i might have to figure something out like that!

  2. Do it!
    We can hold each other accountable to actually complete our lists haha :)

  3. Love your list! I don't have 52 items on mine...I totally would but don't have the patience to sit down and think of that many things. {Is that a bad sign for the effort I put toward my goals, haha!} Anyways, here's my list. http://itsacraftylife.blogspot.com/2011/12/new-years-resolutions.html Most of them are health related, I am determined to get healthier this year! Cute blog, love the design and I'm a new follower!

  4. I just started reading your blog and I'm really enjoying it! I'm also a college student. I started my blog a few months ago, but I really want to get it going this year. I love your idea to post about a product each week, and the pinterest post of course! I'm addicted too! And the 52 goals is a great idea! I think I will start making me a list! It sounds much better than resolutions! Looking forward to reading more! Good luck with school!




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