Cyber ...Tuesday?

I almost escaped the wrath of the oh so enticing Cyber Monday...almost.
I made it through Monday, unscathed.

But when I woke up this morning, my iPhone was flooded with promo emails from my favorite stores telling me that Cyber Monday had been extended through Tuesday - such bittersweet news!

I battled with myself all through work and class, knowing that I shouldn't spend any money on myself right now - especially since my bills are piled high from recently moving out of my parents house. Why is online shopping just so darn EASY?!

Well let's just say this is my last "hoo-rah" of self shopping...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
From now on I'll be a grown up and be responsible with my money...just like I plan on going to sleep at a decent hour, ensuring that I get a solid 6-7 of hours a sleep per night. And not procrastinating on any school assignments. And eating out twice per week, max. Okay, this is starting to turn into a list of New Year's Resolutions so I'm just gonna stop now!

I hope you didn't get sucked into spending TOO much on Cyber Monday, err Tuesday!

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