Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I'm not one to do recipe posts often (probably because my extent of cooking is what you're about to see) BUT this one was too good not to share!


Cling to Your Goals but Not Necessarily Your Plans

Does anyone else use their blog as a memory book of sorts? Do you ever take the time to look back on past posts? Maybe I'm the only weirdo who does that, but either way, I wanted to include this post so that I can remember this when I look back. 

Honestly, this is a direct copy/paste from an Instagram caption that I posted last Wednesday (:


Coffee Date - Catch Up

Hi friends! So I know I've been somewhat adamant about keeping up with posting here, but lately I've felt kind of removed from this space. Maybe because I have so much going on? Not sure. I'm still loving "mini blogging" over on Instagram (aka I write novels for captions, lol). I thought I would do a little coffee date post so we could catch up :)

I'll start off by saying, if we did meet up for coffee, I'd probably order a flat white with almond milk. That's been my go-to drink of choice lately. What's yours?


Purposefully Pay Attention to the Good

Hello my sweet friends! I've missed this space over the last week. We had a death in my family and it really rocked our worlds. This was the first experience I've had with the death of someone in my family who I've had an actual relationship with. It's a strange feeling knowing that my Uncle is gone from this Earth. 

Reflecting on the time that I spent with him while he was alive got me thinking about how important it is for us to purposefully pay attention to the good each and every day. Obviously losing my Uncle is truly devastating and worth mourning over but I don't want to neglect that it was wonderful to be with my entire family at his funeral celebrating the wonderful life he led.


7 Things I'm Loving

Hi friends! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend :) I'm finally getting better at setting aside some time during the weekend to REST rather than work/study myself to death and I have to say - IT IS AWESOME. I spent lots of QT with my husband, caught up with a girlfriend over dinner and wine, started revamping our back patio (more on that Thursday), and even got some pleasure reading in. 

It wasn't full of only ups, though - on Friday night, my family found out that my sweet uncle (who has been battling dementia for many years) went to be with Jesus. We all "saw it coming" but when it actually happens it still knocks the breath out of you. It's so difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that one second he was here, living and breathing, and the next, gone. Thankfully, I haven't had to cope with the deaths of close friends/family up until this point, but it makes this situation so hard to digest. Thank you for all of the kind words that you guys wrote over on Instagram - you guys are the best!

With the passing of my Uncle, I wanted to bring some joy + positivity to today's post so I figured I could keep it light and fun and show y'all some things I've been loving recently!