Success Should Be Shared

Last weekend I met up with an old friend for coffee. We got to talking about how competitive women can be against each other and how we are so not down with that.


Why You Need an Air Fryer + How to Use One

You guys. RUN to your local Target and/or Bed Bath & Beyond and get yourself an air fryer. I'm telling you, these little machines are LIFE CHANGING (dramatic, yes but I'm telling you).

This post is not sponsored...I just had to share the joy that is the air fryer.


How To Get Started With Hand Lettering

Hi friends! I've been posting a lot of my hand lettering progress over on Instagram and it seems like I'm getting a ton of questions regarding it. I figured I would do a blog post so that all of the information lives in one place. Thank you to everyone who has complimented my progress so far :) I'm having a blast learning the art of hand lettering - it's actually really therapeutic for me.

Now keep in mind, I am by NO means an expert. I just started dabbling in this new hobby the week of Christmas...so less than a month ago. I have a lot to learn. And a little disclaimer - I consider myself a creative person but not necessarily an artsy person. I can't draw to save my life, so if you're not the best at drawing, don't think that you can't learn how to letter!


Do Your Social Media Feeds Lift You Up?

Hello friends! I am back full swing in school - I'm taking 5 classes this semester so say a little prayer for my sanity if you get a chance ;) But it's my last semester as an undergrad (again) so PRAISE THE LORD for that.

Anyway, before I started classes, I took some time to purge my social media feeds. What do I mean by that?


Keep Showing Up

Hello my sweet friends! I hope your week has been full of love + laughter :) It's my last week of winter break so I made sure to pack it to the brim with coffee chats and lunch dates. I've really enjoyed the freedom that accompanied winter break but (I can't believe I'm saying this) I'm actually excited to get back to school on Monday (I know, what? Ask me if I feel that way in about 3 weeks).

Speaking of school - I find out graduate school admissions decisions this semester. HELLO, WHAT? I have worked harder than I've ever worked for anything over the last year and half to make myself a prime SLP graduate program candidate. It all comes down to these next few months.