My Summer Reading List

Hi my sweet friends :) I am OFFICIALLY on summer break! *praise hand emoji* I told y'all that I finished on Thursday, but now I know all of my final grades (all As wassup) so I can ACTUALLY relax a little bit.

I mentioned on Instagram that I'll be putting a TON of time and effort into prepping for the GRE (I take it on August 19 so send me some good vibes) over break but other than that, I plan on getting in some serious R+R. One of my favorite ways to relax is reading - always has been, always will be.

I have a whole lineup of books that I plan on knocking out over the next 4 weeks! I recently got a library card and it will be put to good use.


My To-Do List is Full (but so is my heart)

YOU GUYS! I just finished up my last exam for the summer semester and let me tell you - it feels GOOD. Scratch that...it feels GREAT. I'm so looking forward to decompressing a little bit over the next 4 weeks before fall semester starts. 

I'll be studying for the GRE and racking up shadowing hours at a local clinic, but STILL, not having to drive to class/sit through class means so much time for activities!

Although, I have to admit, I really found my groove toward the end of these summer classes. Last semester I had NO social life. I hadn't figured out how to balance school, work, normal life to-dos, etc. But this semester I feel like I did a fabulous job navigating through what I needed to get done, while still making time to do things that made my heart happy.


Stop What You're Doing and Buy This Book

Hello my sweet friends! Finals week is here and I am spending all of my spare time with my nose in Powerpoint slides. But I wanted to take a quick study break to share a life-changing (so dramatic, right?) book that I finished this weekend with y'all :) Spoiler alert: It's such a great read - one of those books that you want to run out and buy for all of the fabulous ladies in your life, if you know what I mean!


Loving Lately: Solo Dates

Hi guys! I have been in SUCH a good place lately. I feel like I'm finally in a solid groove with balancing work, school, and life. Is every day smooth sailing? Obviously not. But I happily wake up with drive and ambition each day. I don't let stress rule my life. I do my best to take one thing at a time. It's so refreshing!

How have I been shifting my mentality in order to achieve this? There are a few things I've been doing, but I wanted to share one specific one with y'all today:


My IUD Experience

Hello, hello! Sorry that I was MIA last Thursday - I had a midterm last week that I was busy studying for (and it paid off...another A in the books, yay!), but anyway today's post will be ...interesting, to say the least!

Last week I mentioned that if anyone wanted me to do a post about my IUD experience that I would. Quite a few people were interested in that so here we go: