Pay Attention to Where You're Putting Your Energy

Have you ever thought about the fact that putting your energy into one thing means taking energy away from another? 


Take Time To Celebrate Your Achievements

Hi friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend (: I took some MUCH needed R+R time after a crazy, busy week. I did lots of crafting (I even started making myself some shirts), watched some Netflix (new Parks and Rec fan here), and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. I'm ready to take on the new week! 

That being said - I wanted to talk about something that I am not the best at:


Leg Sculpting Workout + Post-Workout Meal Recipe

Hi friends! I'm back with another workout video :) I got good feedback on the last one so I figured I would share this one here, too! This video has a lower body workout plus a recipe for my current favorite post-workout meal. Enjoy!

xo, Jess


Don't Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There

Putting yourself out there can be intimidating, can't it? It can be uncomfortable. Make you feel uneasy. Cause you to question what you're doing.

But being uncomfortable for a little while is SO worth the opportunities that come about because of it.